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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Diary Blog 26 November 2013

Today the car worked all day except for when I had to pick up the spare part for the car. Voices beamed down to me through synthetic telepathy said to go to lunch at Pizza Hut and pick up the part after lunch. This seemed like a good idea and trusted that they would honour a previously agreed promise that they would no longer tamper with the car's electronics. After lunch, to my horror, the car would not start. Typical, I thought, but after 2 minutes it started. Driving down the street on a main road, the car started jerking and stopped in the middle of the road.

Passers-by had to help push the car off the main road to a side street. I waited for half an hour hoping that it would soon pass and these people behind the "laser beam" would have enough of their childish pranks. But the car still did not start. I called out the AA, who could not understand what the problem was. The car started after 2 minutes of the AA being there, but for the sake of safety, they drove behind me all the way home advising me to go to a local garage to get the problem fixed.

It was late by the time I got home and didn't want to risk another break down on the same day so I didn't pick up the part for the car. Surprisingly I knew I wouldn't get the part and some childish pranks would be meted down from the heavenly laser beam from the titans. A string of abuse followed by these people, "go and kill yourself, what are you going to do now, the police are on to you, you need to be locked up in a psychiatric home etc." --nothing new, these are the types of comments, I endure on a daily basis.

These people also claim to know about and looking at other members of the United Church of God, particularly, those who are conspiratorial. They haven't got the laser beam, but from I can gather, they are under microwaves and "dream manipulation" type technology. Why would they be interested in UCG members? Because they are outside of the "sun worshipping" cult of Rome and her network of religions. The Bible claims persecution is coming in the end of days and they are doing this secretly behind closed doors using technology, so people do not know what is really going on.

But, I live to see another day.

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