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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Diary Post: 28 November 2013

Happy Chanukah to all those who observe it. Yesterday was the beginning of Chanukah and the voices beamed down to me through synthetic telepathy said, "we had better let him keep Chanukah so it makes it look like the JEWS are monitoring him". So yesterday, I went to the garage to pick up the part for my vehicle and the car worked all day without no problem.

"Well we have to let you celebrate Chanukah otherwise it would look like religious discrimination" beamed one voice at me. As if these people really care about Chanukah and what it means from a spiritual perspective. It is the celebration of light over darkness.

Eventually got home yesterday lit the candles and the people behind the technology kept trying to blow out the candles and succeeded twice. I prayed to God to keep them burning, but they succeeded in blowing them out. But, this did not deter me. Now if they are doing these things to a Christian Zionist, imagine the surveillance going on in Jewish homes. They must have the names and addresses of all Jewish people (gathered from census). If they interfere with a Chanukah celebration, it shows their distaste for anything Jewish. As if trying to get me to eat pork isn't bad enough, they always want me to work on the Sabbath as well.

They have put me on a silent assassination programme otherwise known as the SATAN programme designed to kill people off through various methods. They use "hanging" a lot in this programme, often trying to get people to hang themselves or threaten people that they will be "hanged" in police custody. So when you notice people are found hanging, it may mean they have been subject to the SATAN programme if they have been under "mind control". At the beginning of this surveillance they sent me dreams of me hanging in police custody and sent images of a rope in my mind. Occasionally they mention hanging, but as a Christian, I would never take my own life. These twisted freaks would have to do it for me.

Every month a certain number of people will unfortunately take their own life in this SATAN programme. It is designed that people do not escape from it. It is the voices they send to you in the head 24/7. The people are crazy psychopaths who will talk about illegal activities often trying to get people to break the law. A favourite of theirs at one time was to get me to start smoking cannabis.

What a day it was today. The car did not start even though it has got the new part. Now, we know for sure, it was these people behind the laser beam who are interfering with the car. Once the mechanic was called in the afternoon surprisingly enough the car started. So had plenty of inconvenience today and am trying to either get my money back for the car or to get another one.

Under satellite surveillance I have had THREE cars in less than ONE YEAR. Here is what happened.

Car 1 Problem with the electronic ABS light, Flat tyres, Eventually scrapped.

Car 2 Three flat tyres, Steering problems, Engine Blew Up.

Car 3 (current) Flat Tyre, Ignition problems (starts sporadically), Car break-in, Looking for a replacement.

Can you notice any patterns? I shall be keeping and maintaining a record of events, because patterns reveal many things. Either you would have to conclude that I am very unlucky or there is foul play at work here.

I hope for a better day tomorrow.

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