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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Diary Post: 30 November 2013

Friday, before the Sabbath, the car would not start even though the previous owners stated that they didn't have problems with it and used it to go to work. A new part replaced and again it wouldn't start. So had to rely on family members to transport me around.

Robert Duncan in his book The Matrix Deciphered(pdf) stated that they can hack into the electronics of vehicles.

These people are criminals in their behaviour. They send me cartoons which appear on the curtains, on walls and on pictures. They tried to convince me these were elemental spirits --the spirit world. Convincing me that Jehovah was a cartoon character and we would end up one day as a cartoon in the sky. They try to destroy the religious faith of the person.

The technology is advanced that they are able to occasionally change the weather. One afternoon, I had remembered that I had not seen a rainbow in years, then shortly after it rained followed by the sun, and about half an hour later, a rainbow appeared. People behind the laser beam told me they can control the weather, this was a demonstration, they claimed. Rain came down for about two minutes just stepping outside from the car when it has been clear all day then would stop. I put this down to the microwaves in the sky, they must be able to manipulate the clouds. Lightning and thunder also appeared on cold days which was unusual or days you wouldn't expect to find any. Some of these are optical illusions they just send the noise of thunder from a computer screen to the target--and may not necessarily be weather modification in every instance. One day these people are going to create the illusion of a talking statute (Revelation 13:15) and send "fire" down from heaven (Revelation 13:13) which may be achieved through clever technological gadgets.

One targeted individual commented her experience following this article article:

"The technology they are using is part haptic by description, part energy weapon by abilities and mostly computer based. The reason why people have been saying the same thing for 20 years – is because these high tech criminals can talk hear, communicate with you in addition to all the other technology or abilities their technology . They can reinforce the transmission of images to your brain, or with the ability that you dont know about – REMOTE HYPNOSIS. Every I hate to tell you but don’t worry about hiding your pass words, covering yourself when you get out of the shower, covering your children because these high tech criminals can see everything. Literally – some type of wireless brain interface technology that allows them to read your mind. Their skills in psychology and hypnosis allows them to suppress peoples memory and besides this occurs when you are sleeping. This is why I can never find the words to explain what is going on to people sometimes."

She is correct from my experience. They link the brain into a computer programme sending computer generated voices with people the other end or the system runs automatically with little oversight. They can induce an hypnotic state in people, and will send subliminal messages into the brain--usually the most depraved suggestions to disturb the target. Some times they might want people to commit acts of violence, or go into self destructive behaviour. They will always use criminal behaviour to enforce criminal behaviour in their targets. They will do the opposite of the morals of the targets. Religious people will constantly have their morals challenged.

These types of technologies are explained in the Hollywood films often viewed as science fiction. The people in charge of the world like to hide the truth in PLAIN sight. When watching one or two of these films it has helped me gain further understanding of their system. In a way it is a sick joke to show people in a form of entertainment that they are in a technological dictatorship which is being set up around them. Welcome to the final Antichrist system--the Age of Aquarius is a technological advanced dictatorship because the ruling planet is Uranus ushering the "LORD" of Rome over the whole planet.

There is a true form of esotericism which is mentioned in the Book of Enoch, Quran, Lost Book of Adam and Eve and Bible (notably the book of Revelation) but this doesn't interest many people because it does not make them rich or powerful (unlike black magick) and only takes them outside of the world's system which is entrenched in sun worship.

Anyway, I lit the candles for Chanukah remembering all the victims again of these secret mind control programmes and remembering in every age we have an internal struggle against the tyrants who rule the world--a true Jihad.

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