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Monday, 25 November 2013

Diary Post: Christian Zionist Under the Hammer of Satellite Surveillance

In November this will be the 9th month since being under satellite surveillance with the use of a laser beam connected to a satellite and hooked up to a computer. Since we are told Zionists rule this world, a strange set of circumstances indeed, wouldn't you agree?

But this Christian Zionist believes the Catholic church will be resurrected under the control of the Jesuits in a world ruling empire, known as Babylon, the Great, who will persecute the world prior to Christ's return. The next time you hear the Jews run the world, spare a thought for this Christian Zionist--who believes in the Torah and Jesus Christ--he is under the hammer of satellite surveillance.

On the 27th November, it is Chanukah, a time we remember the victory of light over darkness. It is a time we should remember all the victims who have been put under these mind control programmes to discredit and often times to kill people off without any fingerprints. The old fashion way of the CIA was to spike the drink, a silent kill heart attack or simply they were thrown out of buildings (source: Robert Duncan, former CIA). Today, they get rid of people through technology. Persecution is happening to people through technological means. The Nazis in Germany at least were honest to admit what it was--persecution and it was out in the open. Today's elite hide behind the curtain of a satellite whilst they carry out their grisly deeds.

Robert Duncan, worked on these secret mind control and satellite surveillance programmes for the CIA and wrote the book, The Matrix Deciphered (pdf) outlining the shocking horror people endure at the hands of their own government in these programmes. You need to read it to believe it, and be in it before you believe it the most! The book is on the Freedom from Covert Harassment website which attempts to offer advise for people suffering technological harassment.

Diary of Events 25/11/13 - Satellite Surveillance

Set with car problems, the car would not work, clicker stopped working and indoor car lights kept flashing on and off for a short period. The car is a new second hand one, the other one had its engine blown up, put down to no water or oil, but it is likely to be some interference from the laser beam. The new car had a flat tyre on the second day, this makes four flat tyres in a period of 4 months. The car is the third replacement under satellite surveillance. Electronic problems with a light on the first car, was scrapped, replaced by a Vauxhall corsa encountering three flat tyres and problems with steering, later engine blowing up. Now, I am on a Mercedes, the very next day, had the usual flat tyre, and the ignition will not start on occasions with the clicker failing to work some times. The mechanic put it down to a part which will be replaced on Tuesday, 26th November 2013. Now, if ignition problems continue, it will prove to be the electronic surveillance. Yesterday the car decided to pack up on a junction, although not very busy, I told these people, I would inform the police about the satellite surveillance if they are called or turn up. Yes they will think I am crazy, but at least it will make me feel better. I will keep up a blog of events because you will not believe your eyes, what happens to me on a daily basis.

The lights in the house have also gone on and off with the light completely stopped working. In addition to continual problems with the electric boiler requiring many switch changes and problems on occasion with the hot water.

The usual chatter filtering through to me during work to tell me to kill myself, the police are on to you, voices being Israeli (they say they are from MOSSAD or British accents from a computer generated machine. They enjoy causing as much disruption to myself and causing financial loss through all the problems, eating up savings and continuing to destroy my faith by telling me to work on the Jewish Sabbath and eat pork. Honestly, would a bunch of Zionist Jews tell me to eat pork? These are just some of the things I endure on a daily basis. I will keep praying and hope God intervenes, and these miserable people get what is coming to them.

Spare a thought for us all when lighting up the Chanukah candles, light will always win over darkness. The God of Israel is stronger than any secret society of men, even, if at the present, it may not appear so. God tests all of us. We have to remain faithful and steadfast.

My Thoughts on the Technology

The mind hacking technology converts all your memories stored in your brain into video which these people can view so they can know everything about you. This doesn't stop them from lying about you though, or altering or changing existing memories which they can also do. They will tamper with the short memory so that you will forget about what you did a few seconds ago and will not be able to remember. They are also able to control words and thoughts in the mind, so that you cannot remember something, you are trying to remember, like a name or place or event.

The technology hacks into my mind so that they can see through my eyes and hear through my ears, with a constant chatter which is synthetic telepathy and also on occasion voices from the sky. They can know smells, so they know what you smelling, and even taste. They can send smells down to me, this is what happened when it first started. They voices convinced me the smells were poisons, and I was being poisoned. Being a die heart Christian, this didn't phrase me remembering that we have the power to trample over serpents. They would always send me the smell of peanut butter. How they are able to send a smell down to me I do not know but I have read this technology is possible.

They always start with mimicking neighbour's voices so it appears that neighbours are talking about you. It starts out with external voices coming from the sky. They appear to be your neighbours. Later, this changes to a mixture of external voices and internal (synthetic telepathy). Pulsating frequencies are sent to disable people, put them in a deep sleep, to cause depression like symptoms, and for sexual reasons. A favourite of theirs is dream manipulation, this is sending dreams into the mind whilst in a deep sleep. Always humiliating the person often a favourite is a spiritual dream or a disturbing dream. Some of the coping mechanisms is to sleep off some of the attacks with microwaves and voices. This is my best advice. Just sleep and do your best to ignore the people. Some times, I know the pain can get intense on the head with a pulsating microwave, but knowing this will pass, helps. Listening to Jewish or Christian music also helps me.

People who lose their religious outlook will find it difficult to survive some of the attacks. At one time, they wanted me to jump off a mountain to prove that I was one of the Two Witnesses (this is a perversion of Jesus on the Temple Mount (Matt 4, Luke 4) -- and all day long sending me a microwave which was difficult to cope with. But by the grace of God, I survived. Often, I tell these psychopaths, stop being a wimp and send that laser beam to my heart -- you people claim to be able to stop the heart, go on and do it. Of course nothing ever happens.

Having a sense of humour will help you get through some of the surveillance and you quickly will have to learn to make the most of every situation. See the good in the situation, this helps get through some of the torture.

The GOD of ISRAEL wins in the end! Place your faith and hope in HIM!

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