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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Navy Yard Shooter under Mind Control

The Examiner in the article, Navy Yard Shooter Had Mind Control Group Contact reports:

Navy Yard tragedy's Aaron Alexis was reportedly in contact with an electronic surveillance and mind control "human rights support group" two weeks before killing twelve people and being killed by police. Although Alexis wrote to the group's board members that the Navy was electronically assaulting him and other targeted individuals, the FBI maintains the incident was "random," according to WBZT Saturday.

On October 23, the New York Post obtained Alexis's correspondence to FFCHS and reported the "exclusively" obtained emails:

"Two weeks before he slaughtered 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard, a desperate-sounding Aaron Alexis told an online 'mind control' outreach group that the Navy was targeting his brain with extremely low frequency waves, according to a series of e-mails obtained exclusively by The Post."

Alexis blamed Navy for his torment

In each of the three emails, Alexis claimed that the Navy is conducting Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) research, including voices in his head and that of other targeted individuals, according to the New York Post.

“I fear the constant bombardment from the ELF weapon is starting to take it’s[sic] toll on my body,” Alexis told FFCHS.

Alexis had also been attending FFCHS activities, according to self-identified targeted individuals (TIs).

Some of those TIs telephoned FFCHS board members the day of the Navy Yard tragedy when the shooter was identified. In emails to Dupré, they say that they told FFCHS president Derrick Robinson, of Upland, CA, and other board members that they had met Alexis at the group's activities.

The FBI recently questioned FFCHS board member Max Williams. During an unannounced visit at his home, the agents asked if Williams had received emails from Alexis, he told Dupré.

When Williams responded to the agents, "No," the agents presented to him emails that he and other FFCHS board members had received from Alexis.

The first of those emails from Alexis was in August.

After the FBI visit, Robinson emailed a list of the organization's contacts, saying he had just realized that Alexis had communications with him and the group's board of directors.

“It appears that Aaron Alexis had contacted our organization just prior to the shooting spree that happened at the Washington Navy Yard,” Robinson announced in his email last weekend.

Robinson admitted communications with Alexis saying, "Several email exchanges then ensued between Aaron Alexis and myself."

In his email blast last weekend, Robinson asserted that the motive for the Navy Yard rampage was the ELF targeting of Alexis.

Robinson had asked Alexis in an email if he had access to “any of the technologies being used against us.”

“I don’t have direct access to the equipment, how ever I do have knowledge of where some of the attacks might be coming from," Alexis replied.

Within a month, thirteen victims lay dead from the Navy Yard tragedy: twelve people shot and killed by Alexis, and one man shot and killed by police - Aaron Alexis.

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