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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Star of David - the Hexagram

Many conspiracy websites, individuals, and religious groups are dedicated to spreading misinformation about the "star of David" known as the hexagram.

The pentagram is mentioned in the Testament of Solomon, a symbol on a signet ring used to control the "spirits". This symbol is God's, not the illuminati or some occult group like the Golden Dawn. These occult groups use the "Jewish Kabbalah", mixing it with Egyptian pagan myths and ignore the Torah (the law of YHVH).

The hexagram is used as a holy symbol when entering into the seventh palace of heaven (according to the Jewish kabbalah), this sign is displayed to the angels at the gates. Once the sign is given, the gates open. (source: Qabbalistic Magic by Salomo Baal-Shem).

Far from being an evil occult sign, it is a symbol of power used in the "seven heavens" to gain access to God's heavenly throne. To get to the truth in this world we have to study everything!

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