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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Two Witnesses Script

The people who have placed me under satellite surveillance have used a combination of scripts, but, the one that is used on me is the Two Witnesses script. It works by these people taunting me that I am one of the Two Witnesses, who needs to be monitored and will be punished at a later date (ie prison or psychiatric home). Well, if I am one of the Two Witnesses, it is none of their business, I suppose I have one in 6 billion chance. Great odds!

Nevertheless, this script is used over and over again to justify the torture meted down from microwaves to a laser beam to a car break in the other day. I went to Lidl to buy some Pepsi cola, going back to my car to find the cover which covers the battery removed and placed on the passenger seat. I wouldn't usually notice something like this except, for the fact, my feet go over this cover when driving.

Robert Duncan in his book, Project Soul Catcher lists one of the favourite ways the elite like to eliminate people is through road traffic accidents. Usually distracting the victim. We have to be extra careful when driving because they often use distracting tactics to try to cause vehicle accidents.

They will always target religious people with the opposite extreme. One man living in sin was turned into a born again Christian with microwaves. Religious people will be turned into vices of sin. The programmes work by turning people into the exact opposite.

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