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Monday, 2 December 2013

3 Enoch Pdf

A good copy of 3 ENOCH can be downloaded from:

This is a much more detailed version with explanation notes and an ideal source for those who want to study into the SEVEN HEAVENS (or palaces).

Christianity is missing a lot of information. Some of it is in the Books of Enoch, the Quran, the lost gospels of Nicodemus, Gospel of Adam and Eve, The Infancy of Jesus Christ, and possibly the Book of Jasper and a few others. These works are not "gnostic" but esoteric, they tell of the heavenly realms, angels, and contribute to missing information which the Bible misses out.

It will take us a lifetime to try to reconcile all of these books with the Bible, a somewhat challenging task which is easier said than done.

Mohammed was the last Prophet of God, except for the ministry of the Two Witnesses, and the Quran was given to Mohammed from archangel Gabriel and Mohammed ascended into the seven heavens (ascended via the Jewish merkabah).

Surah 53:7-10,12 "While he Gabriel was in the highest part of the horizon, then he Gabriel approached and came closer, and was at a distance of two bows' length or (even) nearer. So God revealed to His slave Mohammed through Gabriel whatever He revealed..."Will you then dispute with Mohammed about what he saw during the ASCENT of the PROPHET to the SEVEN HEAVENS."

Mohammed ascended to the seven heavens through the Merkabah accompanied by Angel Gabriel. The Jews will recognise this as Jewish kabbalah. See the Wikipedia article on Merkabah Mysticism.

The Quran claims to be a commentary on the existing scriptures of God, and is more of an authority than the Jewish Talmud (since the source of the Quran was from an angel). These concepts are strange to people since they view scripture to be 66 books. Yet this is from a man made counsel of Rome. Many of the books left outside the Bible were esoteric in nature, which went against the ruling "orthodox" elite. It is not a matter of Orthodoxy or Esotericism it is BOTH. The same applies for the arguments over LAW and GRACE, both are valid. All books have to conform to the Law and Testimony.

The Quran condemns the Jews for hiding a lot of information God gave to them. Did you know the Messiah, son of Joseph is mentioned in 3 Enoch written by Rabbi Ishmael? The Gospel of Nicodemus has the Jews admitting Jesus was the Messiah. 1 Enoch alludes to the Son of Man. The 15th Benediction referenced Yeshua (Jesus) in the Jewish prayer books but this was later taken out. The Jews have systematically altered any reference to Jesus (Yeshua) and hide much information.

The Quran is essentially an esoteric book dealing with many issues and for the Jews not to recognise that Mohammed ascended up the Merkabah to gain his visions through angel Gabriel, shows either wilful blindness or deception on the part of the Jewish scholars.

Christians for far too long you have been deceived by your own religious leaders. They have taken out the esoteric part of the Christian faith, told lies about the Quran, the Jewish Kabbalah, the Merkabah, the Torah, the Books of Enoch and some of the lost gospels. We need to start studying everything if we hope to get to the truth. God help us all to find it.

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