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Sunday, 29 December 2013

A.L.I.C.E Chatter Boxes

Brain entrainment software:

- Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity – A.L.I.C.E.

ALICE is a synthetic telepathy audio software package designed to drive people temporarily insane. In his book ‘Project Soul Catcher‘, Robert Duncan describes a software automation tool known as a chatter ‘bot’ – short for robot – that can hold a conversation with a human indefinitely, using the same technology as synthetic telepathy.

ALICE will not stop talking to you unless you stop thinking. The moment you think, it will pick up on the thought and play it back to you in some way. It can deliver a subvocal non-stop chorus of male/female synthetic voices and sounds – scornful laughter etc, using invective, and comments on TI feelings.

For example, if a Targeted Individual had received a letter reminding of failure to pay a utility bill on time – something quite likely to happen given perpetrator application of memory reduction, the robotic chorus might say “He didn’t have something important to remember, did he?” This could be repeated many times, with an echo of binaural beats in the background.

The object is to change the frequency of the TI’s mind patterns to one imposed by the perpetrators – referred to as brain entrainment. In my case, the robotic system was applied non-stop for the first two weeks of mental targeting. After that was withdrawn.

The robotic system is usually pre-programmed with recordings of a TI’s thoughts over a period of several weeks. It can be totally automated or interlinked with perpetrator real-time input. If the TI stops participating, invective or sounds like laughter or hissing may follow. Shortly afterwards the software starts again on some other topic.

It is possible to block the system temporarily by replying to its questions with new questions that can send the system into a closed feedback loop. For example if you ask ‘how are you’, ‘how happy are you’, ‘how old are you’, or even ‘who is your leader’, the system will temporarily pause. But it is a lot simpler just to listen to music that drowns out the sound, and many TIs report that they use this method, with some success.


My Comment

The individual who wrote this article only had two weeks of these chatterboxes. Mine has been 24/7 for 10 months now. They use these chatterboxes on me. Male and female voices, use phonetic speech at times so that you will deliberately mishear them. Voices usually tell me to kill myself, or say they are the police or some occult society or Israel who are going to arrest me later to kill me in police custody. It appears to me from my research to be one of the most vicious systems to put on me, because others only have these voices either part of the day or it ends after several weeks or months. This system is designed to kill people. They also create car accidents which I have survived. The torture is senseless in the extreme. They talk about conspiracy and the occult to name a few relentlessly. Another trick of theirs is to use forced speech, where they will force you to talk about conspiracy subjects out in the open, even when walking down the road, to make you look crazy.

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