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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Anti Israeli Government Official Ended up Targeted

Even people who are anti Israel and anti Zionist will end up on target lists and mind control programmes. Perhaps you may think these are the most likely candidates in our world today, but people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds end up targeted. Even a staunch Christian Zionist like myself was placed on the list by the intelligence service.

An Anti Israeli US government official working in South America was very vocal about his stance against Israel, supporting the Palestineans. According to him, he was placed on a target list with his computer hacked into, emails monitored and telephone calls listened to.

He writes:

Although it is now obvious that I had been targeted since the late 1970s, or perhaps earlier, I did not discover it until December 7, 2005, when my assailants, or handlers, started bombarding me with electrical-like jolts, strong vibrations, and other physical torture. The first vibrations were so strong that I could hardly stand on my feet. I gradually learned that the physical electronic effects, although annoying and painful, were simply used to soften or sensitize or pre-condition me for the real objective mind control. I later learned that victims are normally targeted for years before they finally realize it. Some targets suffer physical attacks for years and visit doctors frequently without realizing that their symptoms are not natural.

The following are a list of people who end up on these mind control programmes according to his research.

1. Congress persons and high ranking U.S. Government officials, including ambassadors. Lower ranking employees and ex-employees of government, however, are often targeted, especially whistleblowers and those discontented with the status quo. Postal workers very often become targets, which very well may explain the shooting sprees and rampages of some of those employees.

2. High ranking state-level officials.

3. The clergy, although members of Fundamentalist Protestant and Roman Catholic churches often become targets. Some of those victims complain that their churches may be involved in their harassment.

4. Law enforcement officers. Although I have heard obliquely of police officers being electronically assaulted, I have never actually corresponded with or read a complaint by a law enforcement target. The exclusion also applies to prison authorities, U.S. marshals, Border Patrol, DEA, the entire U.S. intelligence community, including the Secret Service, sheriffs, and sheriff's deputies.

5. CEOs and very successful business persons.

6. High ranking military officials. Enlisted personnel are often targets; however, I have never seen any material about officer-level personnel having been targeted.

7. The medical community.

8. The wealthy. I have never read anything about a millionaire having been victimized by ESMC. Most of the targets are middle-class workers, small business owners, retirees, and sometimes financially- and socially-marginal persons.

9. Judges and lawyers. The perpetrators know that judges and lawyers possess credibility and also know the laws and would thus be able to leverage law enforcement into action.

10. Persons with expertise in radio and electronics, who could perhaps eventually figure out what device is being used and how.

Since I am a member of a fundamentalist Protestant church - the Church of God, it is not surprising that they have placed me on a target list for mind control purposes.

He also stated in his article, "Concerning DNA, some evidence also suggests that targets minds can be hooked if the handlers know the targets DNA. If that is true, targets would not necessarily have to have a microchip or other object or substance in his body to be hooked. There may be some remote device that with the aid of the GPS will locate a person and hook him using his DNA. If DNA can be utilized, society is in deep trouble, for obtaining DNA samples of people is a very simple matter. Even touching a glass or a can will leave useable traces of DNA."

The research does seem to suggest that DNA is used to track individuals with scalar waves or microwaves beaming from the microwave towers. This is the real reason why they want the DNA. It can also look for blood lines, matching this up with some blood lines the elite may want to eliminate for whatever reason.

The surveillance can hack into CCTV cameras, so they can view the cameras from a remote location, turn off the cameras if need be, and even eliminate recordings. People who believe CCTV cameras will help them against this technology are under a "delusion" since every type of electronic equipment can be hacked into. Computers can be hacked in even when not connected to the internet. Spying is done on computers even when you believe you may be safe. They can also hack into the SKY box receiver and can view the content of your television from a remote location. Should cameras be in your television or if it is linked up to the internet, they can turn your cameras on and view you in your own home, and monitor all your viewing habits.

No human government will ever resolve mankind's problems. 6,000 of human history shows mankind is incapable of governing. Our leaders worship "Lucifer" and deny the true light, Jesus Christ. We can only hope that Jesus Christ will return soon to end this insanity and restore His Kingdom on the earth.

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