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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Catholic Order of Sion

Zionism is under the control today of "Freemasonry" of the Scottish rite and other groups which lead you back to Rome in higher degrees. Protestant Christian Zionism, can only be practised outside of "freemasonry".

The Worldwide Church of God was anti Masonry producing a booklet warning members to leave the Order. Masonic Temples face the East whereas God's Holy of Holies is in the West. Lodges have their ceremonies in the East facing the "rising" sun. Masonry goes back to ancient Egyptian mysteries and has nothing in connection with Christianity founded by Yeshua, the Messiah of the God of Israel. See the booklet: THE TRUTH ABOUT MASONRY; produced by the Worldwide Church of God. Do not expect the current leadership of the Churches of God to speak out today.

Ben Padiah, an occultist of some degree, published this information which ties the formation of Zionism with the Catholic church, known as the Knights Templars. Otherwise historically known as the Catholic Order of Sion which allows Jews, Christians and others to join Zionism.

Taken from:

The Prieurie De Zion, or Priory (Catholic Order) of Zion, is much more real historically, and much more commonly known, as the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar were founded by nine monastic knights, and these nine knights comprised the Catholic Order of Citeaux, known for its philosophy of "zionism."

These nine knights were:

1) Hugh de Payens, Legate of the Holy See, and Archbishop of Lyons, who gave holy sanction to the formation of the Order of six original members.

2) St. Robert, son of the noble Thierry and Ermengarde of Champagne, Abbot of Molesme, a monastery dependent on Cluny. Appalled by the laxity into which the Order of Cluny had fallen, he endeavoured to effect reforms in the monasteries of Saint-Pierre-de-la-Celle, Saint-Michel of Tonnerre, and finally in that of Molesme.

3) Raynald, Viscount of Beaune, ceded to the number of twenty-one the company retired to the solitude of Cîteaux (in the Diocese of Chalons).

4) Gauthier, bishop of the diocese.

5) the prior, Alberic, was elected to replace St. Robert at Cîteaux. St. Alberic died in 1109.

6 & 7) John and Ilbode, two monks sent as delegates to Pascal II (who had just succeeded Urban II) to beg him to take the church of Cîteaux under the protection of the Apostolic See.

8) Pascal II declared that he took under his immediate protection the abbey and the religious, of Cîteaux, saving their allegiance to the Church of Chalons.

9) Stephen Harding, an Englishman by birth, well versed in sacred and profane science, who had been one of the first promoters of the project to leave Molesme.

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