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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Death of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, a national icon died 5th November 2013 and will be missed by most of the world. He died at the age of 95, spending most of his lifetime in prison, 27 years fighting injustice and racism. Apartheid made "racism" an odious concept in the world. Racism is plain wrong and should be discouraged. Racism blinds people to the reality that all human beings are born into the divine Image of God. However God did make distinct races, the Lost Ten Tribes, Judah, Gentiles etc. All have to come under the "Covenant" of Israel to inherit salvation (Romans 11:23).

My grandmother died on the same day, some 13 hours earlier than Nelson Mandela being one year difference in the ages and both had some association to South Africa. My grandmother would often visit South Africa.

Even though the legacy of Nelson Mandela lives on, the South Africa of today is in a state of disarray with millions of white South Africans living outside of the country of their birth. There are many challenges ahead, but these will not be met until Jesus Christ returns. One South African once said, "The ANC will be in power until Jesus returns". That may be the case but we must not loose hope that one day South Africa will be restored as a honoured country that will be safe to work and live in.

We have to oppose oppression no matter who is doing it. Often the persecuted will end up being tomorrow's persecutors. We have to expose the "mind control" programmes on public forums, the new weapons of oppression used against the people. Nelson Mandela ended up being an establishment figure, knighted a Knight of Malta, so he could not change the system beyond what he was allowed to do. We as the people, have to oppose oppression and work towards God's Kingdom, which is mankind's only hope.

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