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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Diary Post: 29 December 2013

Last night, 28 / 12/ 13, had synthetic telepathy all night in bed as usual, but this time full of death threats. Masonic numbers here, 2,8,1,2 = 13. Year 13. Masonry uses the "odd" numbers according to their own literature (i.e. 3,9,11,13). Continually had people telling me all night to kill myself, do the world a favour, they were coming around with the police and arrest me and I would be found hanging in a police cell. We'll it wouldn't be down to me and this is on the record here. They would have to murder me.

13 is the number of rebellion. From

The enemies of God and his people, as named in Scripture, are generally multiples of 13. The primary example of this is the great enemy himself, Satan. Although we may give the English for the sake of clearness, the Gematria (the values formed by the letters of the words themselves) are always based on the original Hebrew or Greek.

The number thirteen is associated with rebellion and depravity and is used fifteen times in the Bible. All the names of Satan are divisible by thirteen. Nimrod, the chief rebel after the flood, was the thirteenth in the line of Ham. In their thirteenth year of servitude, the kings of the nations rebelled (Genesis 14:4). Twelve represents the government of God and thirteen represents the governments of men in rebellion against God.


Thirteen refers to death and resurrection into new life; it thus connects with the regeneration typified by the bath. wenty-six is the number of Jehovah. In the Authorised Version the same Psalms appear as 14 and 27.

The people behind the harassment (possibly GCHQ) or a mind control programme connected to a University obviously know the importance of numbers and meanings. They were hoping for a death and rebirth by telling me to kill myself on a 13, 13. They also tried to kill me off in a car accident on the anniversary of the President of Kennedy who was outspoken against secret societies. See the video below.

The people behind these mind control programmes are Masons who know about numbers and like to use important anniversaries to prove points to others. President Obama was given a picture of President Kennedy as a reminder to him to tow the party line or he will end up the same way.

They target people who look for occult knowledge since the mind control programmes are designed by esoteric societies These societies use magical powers to gain secret knowledge and to compel people against their wills. Mind control works by compelling against individual will, a form of black magic. Read Arthur's Waite The Ceremonial Magic book to learn about this type of black magic. The mind controllers hide behind the occult when wanting to section someone into a mental hospital if they are targeting someone who has studied some occult material. Then the government can blame a secret occult group for the targeting.

Most occult groups wouldn't waste their time and money tracking and mind controlling a Christian, if they had any real power, they would use a "familiar" spirit to do their bidding. Governments have unlimited black budgets that use this type of technology having the ability to carry out heinous acts. Jesuits would use the "intelligence" agency, particularly in America where most of those who run the CIA are Roman Catholic. But we can never be certain who these people really are because they will hide under many different fronts.

Anyway, it doesn't get any better with the mind control programmes. The powers that be do not let up even during the Festival of Saturnalia (which we call Christmas). The voices continued and just as evil as always. But since the festival was historically a bloody festival often with mobs in Europe, putting a Jew to death, called the "fall guy". Later, this went over to the rich. Law was suspended during Saturnalia, mobs would then roam the streets to target the rich. Today we have abandoned that old custom, with the rich robbing the poor instead through merchandising the festival with people getting into heavy debt. How times change.

My experience shows democracy is a lie. There is a secret unaccountable government. People in power give lip service to God or Jesus Christ. They talk about the poor whilst they experiment on them with mind control. They talk about freedom whilst using radio waves, microwaves to sneak into people's computers, turning cameras on or off, listen to every telephone call. The UK government has been listening to every telephone call since the 1980s from Menwith Hill. So nothing is ever what it seems. These experimental tools are used to kill people off, since when do they tell people with voices that they are under surveillance to the head or from the sky? They are getting rid of people silently through a quiet holocaust, behind closed doors. The targets tend to be well educated, over 40, single with very little support. Most will end up crazy under this system and nobody would be righteous enough to enter Paradise under mind control. Considering Jesus' teaching that even a wrong thought is sufficient to leave one outside of Paradise (Matthew 5).

The people in power worship a physical being they can describe in their occult books, as Lucifer or Azazel or Samael. Christians, Jews and righteous Muslims worship the God of Israel. Azazel is the ringleader of the demons, and runs this earth, according to the righteous judgement of YHWH. God has allowed this because the demons are given a reprieve until Judgement Day, the Day of Atonement for Lucifer. God steps in and stops whatever may conflict against His will, but to enable free will, evil is allowed to be in power, and to reign until the "redemption" or return of Jesus Christ. Mind control takes away this God given right of free will, a heinous crime against humanity. One has to be literally insane to support such a concept, or believe in the works of Azazel and Isis. Demons can repent believe it or not, few probably do in fairness, so even the concept of compelling demons is a violation of "free will" (see Quran, Surah 55). Christians, Muslims and Jews understand evil will be in power before the return of the Messiah, each has their own version of events. Let's hope that Jesus Christ returns soon.

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2

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