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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Diary Post: 8 December 2013

Still under the "satellite" surveillance with the use of microwaves, synthetic telepathy, and a laser beam. Recently a "laser" beam was shone into my room, a dazzling white light. Do not know what that is. The voices continue with their usual threats and intimidation.

Problems continue with the vehicle, it still does not work all the time with some type of electrical fault at the ignition. It is the laser beam doing these things.

The people claim to be from many groups including Golden Dawn, Jesuits, Freemasons or Jews. They will use many scripts at their disposal, discussing any subject matter from black magick, the occult, Roman Catholicism, or even claim to be an expert on Jewish Talmudic law. The favourite of these people is to get people mentally and physically exhausted prior to the Sabbath so that people will violate it, and will beam filthy and sexual material to the brain on the Sabbath. Then they blaspheme the Jews, the name of YHVH, pretending to be Jesuits and so it goes. The Sabbath is a contention for them to blaspheme and to get people away from the God of Israel.

They work with contradictions. They will point out the opposite or will always hold the opposite point of view. A good and bad cop script is used, getting the target to identify with one person. They go through your whole life since they have hacked into the brain linking it up to a computer and must download your life story. This doesn't stop them making generalisations and false remarks.

They have tried to kill me off three times, but God must have intervened to save me. How I have survived the torture God only knows! The system is worst than NAZISM, at least they generally just killed you off within 30 minutes. These freaks torture people for years under these microwaves, voices and laser beams. They hack into the body and can cause eyes to wink, problems with feet, stomach and can remote control some behaviours like making me look at people and things. One day they trained me to keep looking at car license plates, so whenever a car came past, my eyes would automatically be fixed onto the license plate. They get me winking at everybody, so have to compensate by over blinking. Knowing that blinking is against God's law, they continually do it to me.

They sometimes will confuse other people into serving me pork by hacking into their mind through microwaves. People will always say "phrases" used by people behind the laser beam. It is just like they can control the thoughts of others in my presence with the microwaves. Sometimes some conversation they had the night before, would end up being a conversation with a random stranger the following day.

The people wanted me to jump off a car bridge or a mountain beaming terrible microwaves to the brain, so intense, nobody would believe the pain. They can cause violence in the mind with the microwaves, getting people to throw things and literally change people's behaviour. They can also change people's sexuality with the right microwave frequency (3.7 hertz) with straight people being overcome with desires for the same sex, and homosexuals can find an unusual attractive to women. Once the frequency is altered, the sexuality will revert back. They caused blood to pour out of the groin area which has never happened to me in my life before and these people admitted to doing this. It stopped after awhile. Not to mention the microwaves they put on the groin, particular favourite is the Sabbath day.

The people are sick behind these technologies. The targets are nothing more than human experiments for the weapons.

Christians are in denial of the weaponry. No human being would remain loyal to God and Jesus Christ under the microwave weaponry and laser beam technology. Most would give up the faith and blaspheme the God of heaven. Many people end up taking their lives because to stay under it is torture. But, I am stubborn, these sick freaks would have to carry me off in a body bag. They have tried to kill me but thank God it has not been successful.

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