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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Google envisages a future with microchip implants

In the article, Google's future: microphones in the ceiling and microchips in your head, Scott Huffman sees a future with a micro chipped future.

The article states:

Google believes it can ultimately fulfil people’s data needs by sending results directly to microchips implanted into its user’s brains. Research has already begun with such chips to help disabled people steer their wheelchairs

The article also appears on which has other interesting articles on state surveillance.

The internet is a surveillance weapon used by the new world order. It was the internet which enabled them to track me down through ip addresses, placing me in a "target individual" programme called Project Satan and Edom, a silent assassination programme and one to discredit people. They only need to discredit people who are close to truth, those who believe in lies are left alone in this world, probably awarded to the Senate.

Do not contact corporations or governments to complain about things because information is now shared and it doesn't take much for a person to end up on a target list. One man who was the campaign manager for George W Bush, made some criticising remarks and ended up being put on a "target list" with microwaves and synthetic voices beamed to his head for over 7 years.

Most countries have secret technology they use against their citizens. The world is run by the Catholic church through secret societies. Look up history, this is the way Rome has always governed. Corporations and governments have their agents at the helm, and you do not know how involved these people are in the conspiracy to bring in the new world order. We are living in dangerous times. Nothing is what it seems in this world. Take some precautions and stay off their technological radar as much as possible. For some of us die hard religious protestants we will never surrender to the harlot of Babylon (Rev 17, 18).

May Jesus Christ return and save us from the insanity of those in power!

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