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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Islamic Radical airs on BBC

The BBC has come under criticism from members of the public for airing views from an Islamic extremist, Anjem Choudary who justifies the murder of a British solider, Lee Rigby.

See the article: Why is the BBC giving this man a platform? Backlash after hate preacher Anjem Choudary is invited onto Radio 4 after two Muslim converts are found guilty of hacking soldier to death

Islam has been infiltrated by the "secret societies". These people give a false interpretation of the Quran and want to forment a war between the Christian and Arab worlds. Christianity was infiltrated by pagans in 300 AD with Emperor Constantine taking over the religion in 365 AD. Judeo Christianity was replaced by pagan nonsense of the Roman Empire. Islam was infiltrated some 200 to 300 years as well after the death of the Prophet Mohammed, and the death of the first four caliphates.

Masonry today under the rule of Jesuits (source: Madame Blavatsky), infiltrates into every religion including Islam, teaching false religion, paganism abandoning the Judeo Christian heritage of both Christianity and Islam.

The BBC's role is to forment this war between Arab (tribes of Ishmael) and Christian world (Lost Tribes of Israel) so in the end the world will be ruled by a tyrannical system known as the Antichrist. The Jews know a system of tyranny is coming on the world which will be short lived for a period of nine months. Most of this information would have come from the Jewish mystics who ascended into the Seventh Heaven. From the Jewish Uptopia by Michael Higger:

A saying in the name of Rab states that the descendant of the house of David will appeal as the head of the ideal era only after the whole world will have suffered, for a continuous period of nine months, from a wicked corrupt government, like the historical, traditionally wicked Edom. Another view, implying the same idea, is stated in the name of R. Ishmael, namely, that three wars in three different parts of the world will take place during the period preceding the advent of the ideal era. The fiercest of these three wars will be the one that will take place at Rome.

Rabbi Ishmael wrote 3 Enoch where he describes his encounters ascending up into the 7 heavens. He will have knowledge from looking at the curtain from behind the Throne of Glory where the whole world's deeds are written in advance.

The elite have secret mind control programmes and silent assassination programmes used to get rid of people even if they are terrorists. They use brain hacking technology, laser beams connected to satellites and synthetic telepathy to talk people to their deaths or kill them off in car crashes. Choudary is a pawn of the elite to foment a system of tyranny onto the world, and if he really was a terrorist, he would be dead like Osama bin Laden, the elite would not give him a platform. Choudary is the illusion of democracy whilst at the same time fomenting a war between Christianity and Islam. It also ensures Christians do not study the Quran in its historical context relying on race hate to prevent any real dialogue between religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

We will not be certain what the final world order will be like. But it does appear Rome's ugly hand has to remerge in one final resurrection with all the tyranny of previous centuries. Rome's tyranny lasting about 9 months will be destroyed by ten kings (Rev 17:16) who will then take the world to the final Antichrist system (Rev 17:17).

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