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Monday, 23 December 2013

Israeli Anger at NSA Spy Tactics

Israelis are angered at the gall of the American NSA who authorised spying on Ehud Barak. The US has kept an Israeli imprisoned who spied for Israel called Pollard.

In the Guardian newspaper, article entitled, Israeli PM condemns US and UK spying on predecessor as 'unacceptable'

Several Israeli ministers had already broken ranks and protested publicly about NSA surveillance. Israeli anger at the US was exacerbated by a report in Yedioth Ahronoth, the country’s largest-selling newspaper, that a US marine rented an apartment in June 2009 directly opposite the private home of Ehud Barak, a former prime minister and military chief of staff who was then Israel’s defence minister.

“Israeli intelligence detected sizeable amounts of electronic equipment delivered to the US-rented apartment,” Yedioth reported, together with diagrams of the sophisticated laser spying devices that might have been used to eavesdrop on Barak’s private conversations via the vibrations of the windows of his home.

Lasers were pointed at the windows at Ehud Barak to eves drop on conversations. They pick up the conversations from the vibrations at the window. America could point the laser beam down from a satellite if they really wanted to do it. They are purple blue in colour and called particle beams. They would equally do the job of spying on conversations.

The article ended: "Oved Yehezkel, a former military intelligence officer who was cabinet secretary to then prime minister Olmert, said it was assumed that communications between Israeli leaders were being monitored by their closest friends in Washington. “Of course we knew. Anyone who thinks that friends and allies don't spy on each other should re-read John le Carré,” Yehezkel said.

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