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Friday, 13 December 2013

Jewish Internet Business

Many Jews have been on the forefront of this technology revolution. The creators of Google, Facebook, PayPal and many other internet businesses are Jewish. - source: The Jewish Dot Com Entrepreneurs (pdf)

Forget trying to boycott Zionism, you are wasting your time. The Jews are too powerful and you have no choice but to use their companies despite any philosophical or religious differences you may have. It always amuses me how some think they can boycott Zionism as if it is a simple process of refusing to buy some products.

Jews own the following internet companies (though not an exhaustive list):





Slide Andy Grove, founder of Intel.

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. (Born in Detroit, raised in Farmington Hills, Michigan.)

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle (Born in the Bronx.)

Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computer

Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist.

Scott Blum, founder of Buy.Com

The Kabbalah is to blame

The writer of the article asks the question why so many Jews are successful with technology, he writes, "Does it have to do somehow with the Hebrew alphabet also being a number system? Is it somehow related to Kabbalah?" The reason is kabbalah because it is a magical system that people can connect with angels in heaven possibly finding out new technology, command angels to find hidden treasures, but more importantly to uncover spiritual knowledge.

Jews are no stranger to magic and actively encourage Rabbis to learn it but they are not allowed to practice it, but they can occasionally demonstrate it (source: Ancient Jewish Magic by Gideon Bohak). Jewish kabbalah is not black magic and most of it for the most part is about ascending into the seven heavens.

This may horrify Christian Zionists, but esoterics or mystics will not have a problem with magical practice. Most if not everything we use in our modern technological age has come from magic. What are we going to do? Stop using it and join the Amish? This is one of the major contradictions in our age.

The mystical aspect of faith has been removed from religion. It is alien to most people. People may falsely label some mystical systems evil, but that would be incorrect. Not every mystic or esoteric is in involved in some diabolical occult group with a sinister purpose of bringing the world to an age of Horus. Enoch was a mystic, yet he was a commandment keeper of YHVH and would himself condemn the magicians of Atlantis. Moses himself would condemn the magicians of Egypt. Yet Moses had magical power that by far exceeded their own limited power. At the time of the end, there will be a great display of magical powers (Rev 11; 13) that the world will not know what to believe. God help us to know the difference in those days.

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