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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Kabbalists and Quran

For some time I thought that I was going insane when reading the Quran and understanding it from my Judeo Christian heritage and listening to Wade Cox of the Christian Churches of God explain some of its contents.

It now transpires from my research others (some who are Kabbalists) are aware of the Quran and the role of Muhammed, yet this is not preached to the masses of the people. Christians, Jews and Muslims would be aghast that kabbalists see the Quran as a continuation of the same God in the Bible. Perhaps leaving the shackles of political Zionism frees the mind to accept many possibilities. We have already learned that some Karaite Jews, a small number, also accept the authority of Muhammed and the Quran. Now, one Christian Jewish church also accepts the Quran and the Prophet Muhammed.

Now from the Works of the Chariot provides an interesting religious assessment of Judaism From Works of the Chariot Chapter One:

The authority of the Pharisees evolved from the growing prominence of the academies of Jewish learning that started to appear in the late fifth century BCE under the tolerant regime of the Persians, after hundreds of years of Assyrian and Babylonian repression.

... Their special knowledge drew an excess of reverential regard from the masses of people who were not privy to it, for which Master Yeshuvah (Jesus) and later Master Muhammad chastised them. The masses hence became the laity outside of this elite community of Pharisees.

The intense and complicated levitical focus of the rabbinical sect developed from the codes of behavior and traditions institutionalized by the priesthood (kohanim) of the centralized Temples in Jerusalem. The strict codes reflected the extraordinary level of levitical purity that had to be maintained to enact the high level rituals performed in the First Temple, which housed the Ark of the Covenant. Within that context, the priests needed to be like angels who attend the Throne of the Lord hvhy. The kohanic codes had a significant impact on the development of the Pharisaic rabbinate centuries later. They were redacted much later in the Talmud Yerushalmi and Talmud Babli, which contain voluminous commentary garnered from over four centuries of rabbinical dialectic.

Jesus Christ, then later, the Prophet Muhammed came to bring the religion of Judaism back from its corruption under the Pharisees which happened centuries earlier. It is not certain what role the Quran plays in The Works of the Chariot and other existing scriptures of the God of Israel. They are too aware of the Roman corruption of our age. Rome has abandoned Judeo Christianity replacing it with Pagan Babylonian Mysteries linked to Egypt (Osiris and Isis) secrets which occult groups also believe in and encourage. Babylon is Isis which must be the same as the marriage between Lilith (harlot)and Samuel (beast)(in occult lore). These Egyptian myths have taken the Torah and thrown it into the sea whilst still using God's sacred names in magical circles and practices subjecting the earth to tyranny. The Torah and the people of Israel, who profess to believe in Jesus Christ and the prophet hood of Muhammed, will be part of the "first resurrection" gaining eternal life in God's eternal kingdom. Until then a corruption is on this earth, Christianity is divorced from its Jewish origins, as The Work of the Chariot explains.

From the Works of the Chariot provides an interesting religious assessment of Judaism From Works of the Chariot Chapter One:

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the law (i.e. Torah) or the prophets; I have not come to abolish but to fulfil. For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not one letter, not one stroke of a letter, will pass from the law until all is accomplished.”18

But what began as a small Jewish sect centered around a Jewish Messiah and understood in contemporary Jewish terms, not Greek or Roman, came to be transformed into a major religion composed almost exclusively of Gentiles. In the process of this transformation, the legacy of the Jewish heritage upon which Christianity was founded was largely modified and assimilated into the Greek language and Hellenistic worldview. As the new religion of Christianity emerged estranged from its Jewish roots, it developed in accordance with Roman political organization and social conventions. When Christians later “brought civilization” to the indigenous tribes of Western Europe, they adapted Christian theology to the languages and cultures of those tribes, and absorbed many of their conventions and observances as a means to facilitate and expedite their conversion. The resultant version of Western Christianity thereby evolved into a historical phenomenon significantly different than Near Eastern Christianity, and even farther removed from its Judaic roots.

Today, a growing body of scholars is questioning many aspects of Christianity that have been popularly held for a long time. A picture is emerging that shows that the history, theology, and practice of Christianity have been directly effected and shaped by dominant factions, resulting in the marginalization and suppression of the mystical element as being in opposition to accepted doctrine. As soon as Paul entered the picture, a dichotomy arose among the early Christian devotees between those coming from a traditional Jewish background and the growing group of Gentile Christians. In this regard, it is interesting to consider the letter written by Master Yeshuvah’s brother James, the leader of the Jerusalem Church, as an indicator of the opposition that emerged to some of Paul’s central teachings.

The diversity of perspectives of the early followers of Master Yeshuvah was later replaced by the monolithic homogeneity imposed by emperors to make Christianity a uniform religion throughout their empires. As the Pauline Gentile faction grew in numbers and power, and the Catholic Church of Rome assumed orthodox authority over Christianity, it absorbed and codified Mystical Christianity in much the same way that Rabbinical Judaism assimilated and obscurated the Mystical Qabalah. The essential Jewishness of early Christianity was virtually wiped out by the massive revisionism of the Pauline Gentiles. We will have to wait for further windfall discoveries of source documents to be able to establish a clear picture of what happened during the earliest stages of Christianity after the departure of Master Yeshuvah.

The biggest challenge will to bring back the Quran to its original audience with its original message. In order to do this research must be encouraged not stifled. The original message of the Quran is repressed by political Zionism which is under Roman Christianity. We have to leave the shackles of political Zionism linked to these Papists, and follow the God of Israel, His Torah and Gospels and Quran. Below is the best song showing the pagan occult society we live in.

Best Illuminati hiphop song (K-rino - grand deception)

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