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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Mind Controlled Computers within 5 Years according to IBM

IBM predicts within 5 years computers will be operated from thoughts in the mind replacing "passwords" with biometrics. The article in The Daily Mail goes back to 2011, stating:

Apple, Google and Microsoft are already investigating voice-controlled gadgets - or gadgets controlled by moving your body in front of a camera.

But IBM thinks the tech giants might be a little shortsighted - and predicts that mind-controlled computers will be on the market within five years.

'Mind-reading has been wishful thinking for science fiction fans for decades, but their wish may soon come true,' said a spokesperson. The company is investigating smartphone and PC technology where, 'You would just need to think about calling someone, and it happens.'

The prediction was part of IBM's annual 'Five in Five' report. The company also predicted that by 2016, passwords would have disappeared.

Instead, the complex, hard-to-remember strings of numbers and letters will be replaced by biometric readers that 'work out' who you are by reading unique things about you.

It's not by an means impossible that more sophisticated technologies might allow us to at least move a mouse pointer by 2016 - although it seems more likely that PC makers would use existing technologies such as webcams to allow us to control PCs via our eyes instead."

Fred Coulter of the Christian Biblical Church of God has an interesting series on the "mark of the beast" which will open your eyes to the developments of the technology designed to enslave mankind. To listen to the series go to The Mark of the Beast Series.

The mind reading attached to computers will be used to SEND thoughts into people's mind. It will be an easy way to hack into people's mind since the computer and brain will be interacting together. Today they have put thousands of people into a "mind hacking" programme designed to test their tools of torture. These people are called, "targeted individuals" getting hit by microwaves from microwave towers, lasers attached to satellites, and brains connected to computers with mind reading technology. Mind reading is already a reality, this is not new technology.

The goal of the elite is to be able to hack into and control all human minds. As far fetched as it may seem attaching human minds to computers is the goal, this is called transhumanism. This way people can be controlled, manipulated and turned into human slaves. The people in charge worship a different god, allowing them to justify their torture on victims releasing energy from victims.

Computers can already be hacked into even when not connected to the internet. This is done by microwave WIFI (the same internet connect a laptop uses with a dongle) using a backdoor not recognised by the computer or firewalls. Every computer system has built in backdoors which the Government uses to spy on its citizens. Anything can be downloaded onto people's computer without them knowing about it (source: Barrie Trower and Robert Duncan). Should a laser beam be placed on a target the spies can gain access to all information that a person can see and hear. Passwords, bank details and all personal records can be stolen.

Have you ever wondered why some of these Islamic radicals are willing to blow themselves up? It is the LASER BEAM they place on people. It enables remote control access of a target. They can even hypnotise people putting them into a trance state with the laser beam. What about all these strange events where people act out of character? Are they related to these mind control programmes to further some sick, twisted agenda? People will not know they are under the programme until they start hearing voices (which comes from a loudspeaker from the sky) then later gets transferred into synthetic telepathy. This is always associated with microwaves but not always with a laser beam. The agents have placed a laser beam on me which can be seen through a photo camera which is blue/purple in colour that comes down from a source of "light".

Trans humanism is where the elite want to take humanity, a human mind attached to a computer interface. Memories can be altered and a new person can be created. Total mind control. Already it is too late according to Robert Duncan, as one mind control victim stated, "there are too many traitors at the top". for anything more meaningful to be done. God help us all.

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