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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Nelson Mandela's Funeral

Nelson Mandela's funeral was shown on television today. We have all lived and grown up with Nelson Mandela. Heard about him in the news and coming from South Africa, he was always the strongest voice against "apartheid". He symbolised to many hope and freedom from a system of tyranny.

Today we all have a struggle against our own leaders. They are setting up a New World Order. Christians call this the Antichrist system. Islam call it the reign of the dajjal (a man with one eye ruling). Even in Jewish apocalyptic writings, the sons of light wage war against the sons of darkness, and evil takes over the world.

We must never forget until Jesus Christ is ruling, we are not free from some system of tyranny.

South Africa experienced its own trauma, a system was deliberately created to create social disorder and chaos which we call "apartheid". It was systematic segregation based on race. Church members lived through the "apartheid" system, and many of us would never want to go back to those days.

Mandela will be missed by all of us and will always be a reminder that people should stand up for truth and justice. It is time people began standing up for the victims of "mind control" using America's secret technology under the Obama administration. We do not need a world where a government believes it has the right to wipe out people's memories, give them heart attacks, cause them to crash vehicles, cause no end of microwave heating and voices to the brain.

It is time the American government came clean and told the world about their secret technological weapons they are putting on millions of people around the world.

The best tribute we could give to Nelson Mandela is to expose the "mind control" programmes and technology being used by the American government and British. Let's stand up for human rights and dignity. The song by Johnny Clegg, Asimbonanga, is a fitting tribute to the life and work of Nelson Mandela. Enjoy.

Johnny Clegg: Asimbonanga

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