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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Obama's America is a Sick Joke

President Obama of the United States was praising the legacy of Nelson Mandela and his role against tyranny. America is the most hated country on the planet and for good reason. It denies freedom to its own citizens. Many people who speak out against the American government end up dead. This is a FACT. America enrolled ex-Nazis into the CIA after World War 2 called Operation Paperclip--this is even admitted by Jews themselves in a book. It is always about destroying PROTESTANT nations - the LOST TEN TRIBES of ISRAEL.

America funds secret mind control research that came from Russia, using stealth weapons like microwaves, laser beams, and mind hacking capabilities. They engineer technology to create microchips with the intention of implanting them into society including their own soldiers. The CIA was caught smuggling drugs from Vietnam in the coffins of dead soldiers into America. America creates a dummy financial system based on paper and ink not backed by any gold or silver reserve, later to transfer this into digits on a computer screen. America created a group of Islamic terrorists according to Robin Cook MP, called "the database" using them to overthrow the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Robin Cook is now dead. America funds some Islamic terrorist groups whilst it openly opposes others.

Many people who oppose the US government in the US end up on watch lists, or enrolled in a mind control programme, or some end up dead in strange circumstances. This is the REAL world. America is a sick joke of irony. We are fighting against LUCIFERIANS in high places. Their power comes through torture.

A Marine who posted his frustrations on Facebook, criticising the American government, ended up dead two days later. His family now denied any type of benefits.

The article, 'Get it together': Marine posted shutdown frustrations days before death

One of the American service members whose family is now being denied death benefits due to the government shutdown took to Facebook in the days before his death to voice his frustrations with Washington, his hopes for the future and his dedication to the military.

“I am waiting for the moment they breach my contract. Just waiting, I am out here in Afghan so I can’t just leave, but I can sit the f—k down and not give two sh—ts, get it together Obama and not to mention Congress,” Lance Cpl. Jeremiah Michael Collins wrote on Facebook on Oct. 3 in a post that seems to be directed at the shutdown.

“Jesus! Make up your minds, I will protect the being of my country with my life, but do not go f—king with the men and women that protect your sorry asses.”

Two days later, the 19-year-old Collins died “while supporting combat operations” in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, according to the Department of Defense.

A graduate of Alexander Hamilton High School in Milwaukee, Wis., Collins’ death is under investigation, the department said in a news release.

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