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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

One Conjuration of Belial Reveals Startling Truth

A black magician who is convinced of world wide conspiracies often summons the demons to find out what is going on. Whilst most occultists and magicians are nothing than born again liars, occasionally some enter the profession to make a difference in the world.

He maintains a record of his activities, called, Imperialarts and one of his blog entries details his encounters with Belial. This is a separate demon to Lucifer (or Satan) although the Bible may confuse you into believing they are the same being.

Belial reveals a startling secret. The magician records in Belial blog:

"In describing the forthcoming "trials," the spirit revealed a great deal about itself and its objectives within the world. Of the content of these plans, I will say as little as possible, but suffice to say it was all bad. A fair amount of it involved a breakdown of the current Western society and its subjugation under "the Lord of Rome".

The spirits attendant upon this Mighty and Powerful King, who are 333,300 in number, are those that set in effect its plan to assist the magician. The spirit removes obstacles to accomplishment that are connected to those in power over a nation, which for the magician ought to manifest as favorable work on the part of government officials, specifically the Senate. Crowley declares that Belial appoints people to seats on the Senate. The power of the spirit is also to accumulate the "favor of friends and foes" upon which any proposition of the government so heavily depends."

Belial spoke a word of truth. The world is subject to the Roman Empire under her network of secret societies. Belial calls this the "Lord of Rome". 3 Enoch calls it "Sammael, the prince of Rome" as the spiritual counterpart. Rome is the final "gentile" kingdom to rule this world prior to Christ's return (Rev 13, 17, 18).

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