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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Qlippoth in Kabbalah

The world elite are using the Jewish Kabbalah system to implement a system of tyranny on the world. The Kabbalah is often called the "tree of life" but is dual with an evil side attached called the "Qlippoth". The Kabbalah tree corresponds more closely to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, than a permanent tree corresponding to eternal life.

From the book: Thomas Karlsson - Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic.pdf">Thomas Karlsson - Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic:

The Tree of Knowledge also seems to be located in the center of the Garden of Eden. The Qabalists believed that the trees must have sprung from the same unity. The Sod Ets Ha Daath explains:

You already know that the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge are the same tree below, but two different trees above: The Tree of Knowledge is from the northern side, but the Tree of Life from the Eastern side, from, where the light emanates into the whole world, and Satan’s power is there.

… The Tree of Knowledge dominates man’s existence. Existence under the influence of the Tree of Knowledge is characterized by disruption, manifoldness and duality between good and evil. The Zohar states that the two trees represent two different possibilities in which man can live. The Tree of Life represents a utopian and paradisiacal existence beyond all limitations and borders. The Tree of Knowledge represents distinction and separation, the necessity of laws and decrees of tradition. The Tree of Knowledge rules man’s present situation and only by following and fulfilling the rules and laws that are associated with this tree can man reconnect with the Tree of Life.

To learn more of the Qlippoth download this book: Thomas Karlsson - Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic.pdf

The powers of the world use the Qlippoth as their power base. There are ten demons attached to each emanation of the Qlippoth. Demons can also be summoned up in magical circles using King Solomon magic, using the circle as a symbol of protection whilst bringing in the spirit into a "triangle of art". The occultists never inform people how it is all performed in their magical books, leaving many unanswered questions to the casual reader or observer.

In the Testament of Solomon, about 72 demons were captured by Solomon being placed in a brass vessel. The story goes someone from Babylon found the vessel, unsealing it, releasing the demons back into the world. Today our world's system is called "Babylon" in Revelation 17; 18. These demons must run our world's system on the earth, in the sphere of "malkuth" - the tenth emanation on the tree of the kabbalah corresponding to this physical earth.

The Qlippoth is the dark side of the tree of the Kabbalah. From the book, Practical Kabbalah by Robert Ambelain (pdf).:

The Tree of Death

MALKUTH is the “nadir” of evolution, the lowest point – in “ASSIAH” – which the Being in process of elaboration can normally face. Its extreme aspect is thus the “World”, but this “World” of Souls, is called to climb up again towards KETHER. We have seen that these necessarily incarnate souls, during the course of this incarnation, bear the name of the last category of Ishim, that of the Elect. Opposing them, and in the “World”, are lined up the “Damned Souls”, synthesizing these two categories of the front line in the eternal combat of GOOD and EVIL, two Powers equally opposed: HELI, who was Enoch, John the Baptist, and all the great leaders of Humanity, and BEHEMOTH, the personification of all the Antichrists permanently incarnated. This latter is also the “Great BEAST”, whose “Number”, in the sayings of the Apocalypse, is 666.

But, because it is situated at the last rung of the TREE OF LIFE, MALKUTH is in osmotic contact with the TREE OF DEATH, the inverted Tree. Just as the Secondary Tree of MALKUTH is called the “Queen”, the “Bride”, the “Virgin”, and the SPOUSE of the Microprosopus, to this inverted Tree is given an analogous but contrary name: it is called QELIPHAH, the “Prostitute”.

It is effectively this Hebrew term which recurs the most often in the metaphorical expressions of the Prophets, admonishing the people when they degrade themselves or abandon the “WAY” of the Lord. It is this same term which the Apocalypse also employs to designate the BEAST, and we are going to see that this term was not at all an exoteric expression unconsciously chosen by misogynistic ascetics or exaggerating puritans!

All that is corrupt in Life, contrary to the eternal designs of the ABSOLUTE and eternally rejected by Him, must be expelled, and this type of metaphysical “execration” takes place in the inverted Tree the TREE OF DEATH (as opposed to the TREE OF LIFE), beyond the SPOUSE, in the PROSTITUTE...

For we cannot ignore that GOD, in Whom reside all “Possibilities” of good and ill as a result of his absolute Omniscience, operates for all ETERNITY an eternal discrimination between what He keeps, chooses, adopts and realizes by means of His “Emanations”, and what he refuses, rejects and reproves.

That which He rejects constitutes the Evil Powers, the sinister “KINGS OF EDOM” who existed before all that is now drawn from the Nothingness. These are the broken VESSELS of which the Zohar speaks

.Magic is what makes the world go round. Much of the technology gained in the world is black magic. Mobile telephones are equipped with spying mechanisms also giving out radio waves which interfere with brain waves. Television, used to give false information to the people, keep them in a state of hypnotism.

Cars are created with reliance on petroleum causing global emissions rather than alternative energy such as a water source. Electricity is created for the people, occultists acknowledge in "evocation magic" this energy source keeps the spirit world away from humans creating a barrier. Free energy sources are available but seldom encouraged. Chemicals are created and put into foods. The Church of Satan in the Satanic Bible informs their own members not to take pharmaceuticals which is given to the masses. Remedies that can help cure diseases are never encouraged.

Music is full of subliminal messages for the masses encouraging all manner of vices. Credit cards are created to monitor purchases, with the intention of eliminating cash eventually.

Microchips invented to implant into human beings and animals, for a health or security benefit which later turn out to have more capabilities than what people imagine. The Internet is created to provide information, later to track and monitor people through emails, IP addresses. Cameras are created into computers and televisions which are later hacked into by spy agencies who have the capability to turn these on remotely. Microwave internet is created for laptops on the go, which later is used by spy agencies to remotely hack into computers without anyone realising.

Every benefit has a sinister plan behind it. You can learn this from the Kabbalah tree. Good and evil both have a counterpart. The good side of the tree is called the tree of life. The evil part of the tree is called the qlippoth or tree of death. Just as there are ten angels assigned to the tree of life, ten demons are assigned to the tree of death. Just as our earthly home has Presidents, Dukes, and Prime Ministers, these can also be found amongst the demons. Some demons are Dukes, others Presidents, some may be Vice Presidents. (Source: Solomonic Magic).

This lower world with all of its pleasure is a grand delusion of some mad occultists who want to keep humanity servants to demons placed over malkuth. We know it as MYSTERY BABYLON, through magic, deception and sorcery her power continues on the earth. The "harlot" of Revelation is sometimes referred to as Lilith in the occult world, is the fallen woman of the 10th kingdom of malkuth. The beast and harlot will unite under a final resurrection in the Bible to unite the world under the final Antichrist system (Rev 13, 17, 18).

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