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Monday, 30 December 2013

Quran in Key of the Mysteries

Dabbling around in the occult books to find any information on the Prophet Mohammed and the Quran, the following was found from THE KEY OF THE MYSTERIES (LA CLEF DES GRANDS MYSTERES) BY ELIPHAS LEVI

Mohammed is the shadow of Moses. Moses is the forerunner of Jesus. What is a prophet? A representative of humanity seeking God. God is God, and man is the prophet of God, when he causes us to believe in God. The Old Testament, the Qur'an, and the Gospel are three different translations of the same book. As God is one, so also is the law. O ideal woman! O reward of the elect! Art thou more beautiful than Mary? O Mary, daughter of the East! caste as pure love, great as the desire of motherhood, come and teach the children of Islam the mysteries of Paradise, and the secrets of beauty! Invite them to the festival of the new alliance! There, upon three thrones glittering.

...Nevertheless, do not let us take away from Mohammed the glory of having proclaimed the unity of God among the idolatrous Arabs. There are pure and sublime pages in the Qur'an. In reading those pages, one may say with the children of Ishmael, "There is no other God but God, and Mohammed is his prophet." There are three thrones in heaven for the three prophets of the nations; but, at the end of time, Mohammed will be replaced by Elias.

The Quran came down from the God of Israel and is an extension or a translation of the existing scriptures from the same God. What an admission! Mr Levi was committed to the Roman Catholic church (source Wikipedia) and in fairness has made other comments about Islam in his Key of the Mysteries which are non sensible. Mr Levi accuses Islam of being backward in progress however whilst the Catholic dark ages in Europe where under Inquisitions, the East became a haven of progress even producing notable Jewish scholars. Levi has even harsher words for the Protestants, he remarks, "the Protestants, those eternal regulators of anarchy, who have broken down dogma, and are trying always to fill the void with reasonings". A common theme in occult literature tends to denote Protestantism as having any real moral basis for its existence, Levi is of this class. Under my current surveillance the "perpetrators" have blocked access to some occult literature, videos and books. Research will always be limited as to what the occult really believes about Islam and the Quran in general, although it would be an interesting subject to research.

The Quran shows many things left out of the Bible. For instance it shows what is going to happen to people on the Great White Throne Judgement (Surah 56) known as the Second Resurrection (Rev 20:11-15). People are divided up into three classes. One group that appears are those part of the first resurrection (Rev 20:4-5; Surah 56:10-15). The great part of humanity will be divided up into two parts: Those on the left who will go into the fire (Surah 56:9) and those on the right who will inherit salvation (Surah 56:8). The same is true in the Bible with the separation of the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31-46). The Quran is the most misunderstood book on the earth, more so, than the Holy Bible. Universal salvation will happen in the age of the return of Jesus Christ, but during the Second Resurrection, all of mankind will be judged by their own Personal Record, the Bible and how they lived their lives. The overwhelming majority will inherit salvation and those who are the incorrigible wicked will not be in paradise. The Quran compliments the Bible when properly understood.

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