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Monday, 30 December 2013

Robin Cook and Sen Paul Wellstone

Robin Cook, a Member of Parliament, died shortly after criticising the Blair government, and going into war against Iraq. He died on Saturday 6 August 2005, while out walking in the Scottish highlands.

In America, Sen Paul Wellstone, a Jewish politican was also killed before his chance to vote against the Iraq invasion. In 2002, he was the only Senator facing reelection to vote against the congressional authorization for the war in Iraq. Eleven days before his 2002 U.S. Senate election, Wellstone died in a plane crash in Eveleth. (source: Wikipedia).

It may surprise some but the power elite murder Jews to enable political Zionism to succeed under Rome's firm hand. Political Zionism is not based on Judaism, nor is it linked to the Torah or British Israelism but to the Catholic order of the Jesuits. True Zionism will promote the 613 Laws of the Torah, British Israelism and will be an outspoken voice against Catholicism. This is "Armstrongism", one of the true forms of Zionism. Eric Jon Phelps has six definitions of Zionism, here is his assessments from a letter: (Source:

Dear Brother Troy,

The six Zionisms are:

1. Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists—who worked for the pope during WWI, WWII and the founding of Israel which Rome considers to be its revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

2. Revisionist Zionists—led by Jabotinsky who was murdered in Hunter, New York, and whose followers were neutralized or murdered by the Labor Zionists. The classic on Vladimir Jabotinsky is Lone Wolf in two volumes.

3. Orthodox Talmudic Zionists—led by extreme Orthodox rabbis who believe that the racial/religious Jewish people have no right to live in the land of Israel until the Messiah arrives. Thus, they are ignorant of their own Hebrew Scriptures which clearly state that when Messiah appears there must be a nation of Israel and a Jerusalem inhabited by Jews to save from invading Gentile armies.

4. Christian Zionists—led by pro-Jesuit futurists who back both the government of Israel and the right of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. They refuse to distinguish between the government of Israel (which is evil and ruled from Rome via the Order’s Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists) and the Lord’s beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people living in the land promised to Abraham and his seed forever in Genesis 15:18.

5. Anti-Jesuit/anti-Vatican Christian Zionists—led by anti-Jesuit, biblical futurists holding to a literal reading of the prophets, maintaining that the beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people have a right to live in their promised land apart from obedience to the law of Moses, now done away. They abhor the government of Israel as being totally controlled by Rome through the pope’s New York City-based Council on Foreign Relations to the detriment of the Jewish people living in Israel. They oppose the government of Israel, but defend the Jewish people’s right to live in the promised land of Israel to the exclusion of all Arabs and non-racial Jews.

6. The Lord Jesus Christ—the foremost Biblical Zionist who will restore the Kingdom of David upon his return, will smash all Gentile political and military power, and will rule the world bringing comfort to Zion (Jerusalem).

These are the six Zionists. I am of the fifth catagory.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

Eric Jon Phelps may hold views that are not necessarily mine. But I like to disseminate as many views as possible. Many Orthodox Jews oppose Political Zionism. Zionism is used by Rome to keep Israel (Judah) under her control so a newly rebuilt Temple can be established then Catholicism will rule from Jerusalem in a final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire (Rev 13, 17, 18). Evangelicals understand and know this as the final Antichrist.

Veteran's Today is convinced Sen Paul Wellston was murdered. In their article, Sen. Paul Wellstone: More Proof of Assassination, a former CIA snitch, believes it was a hit, he said:

“having played ball (and still playing, in some respects) with this current crop of reinvigorated old white men, these clowns are nobody to screw around with. There will be a few more strategic accidents. You can be sure of that.”
The article questions the investigation work of the authorities and believes some form of microwave activity may also be to blame.

The article writes, "What had struck me about the crash was the apparent cessation of communication commensurate with the loss of control, an event that had happened shortly before the crash, which took place about 10:20 AM. The possible causes I considered were a small bomb, a gas canister, or some type of high-tech weapon in the RF (radio frequency) or EMP (electromagnetic pulse) family. One advantage of such weapons is that the public generally does not know they exist."

Laser beams can blow out electrics from my experience. They make my lights go on and off. They blew out my hi fi system leaving it smelling of electrics. My car radio was also blown out, and giving me over 4-5 flat tyres in three different cars. They could easily stop a plane's electrics from working. Not difficult with a laser beam. Mine is blue/purple which can be viewed when pointing a camera at a heat source and have several witnesses who also saw it.

We will never really know what happened to Robin Cook and Sen Paul Wellstone but both met with untimely deaths shortly after speaking out against two military invasions. We are living in an age where Jesus says there will be great tribulation and they will kill the true servants of righteousness (Matthew 10:17-25; 24:9). Thy Kingdom Come!

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