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Monday, 9 December 2013

Sabbatarian Falls Under the Radar Of Satellite Surveillance

The surveillance used in my situation included the use of microwaves, a laser beam, sending unusual smells, sending cartoons, subliminal messages, hacking into the body, voices 24/7 through synthetic telepathy and during the first month voices from the sky. Use of images is put into the mind. Various religious scripts used, mimicking neighbours voices and Herbert W Armstrong. Voices claim to be Jesuits, Golden Dawn members, Police, and Israel. Assassination type programme used encouraging murder, suicide with threats of violence to be carried out by police officers. Hanging images placed into the mind, and dreams, within a prison context. Electronic harassment destroying three cars in less than a year, causing flat tyres, and electronic problems with vehicles. Other electronic problems include problems with boiler, turning lights on and off on their own and blowing out car radio, and hi fi blown out.

Few would believe the experiences that I have encountered in the last few months. Most assume craziness, or think that my behaviour resembles mental illness, the psychiatrist thought so, and gave me a prescription for mental illness.

For some months prior, my studies led me to study occult groups and some secret societies. Strange things began manifesting in my life soon after. Life began to fall apart, with me being convinced that the Bible was no longer valid, believing in strange cartoon worlds, visiting occult bookstores to seek answers. A strange laser beam began following me around wherever I went. One witch informed me that I had an unusual gift, with the gods having something special in line for me. Yet, who would think of the craziness that would soon follow.

I was convinced that the oil in the Bible, in Exodus 30 had immense power for healing of the body and began studying into its formula. There was a great contention on the correct ingredients for this oil, but found a version of it, and began applying it. Hoping for some sort of spiritual enlightenment from God, believing it would bring physical healing for the body. It was at this time, things began to change in my life.

It happened one evening, I noticed when pointing my camera at the lights a purple/blue beam came from the heat source and onto my person. The laser beam is sometimes described as a “particle beam” and is used for satellite surveillance. The laser beam would follow me wherever I went, even outside, during the day or night. It was unusual, believing it to be sent by “God” at the time. Outside the beam of light went through the sun, and onto me. It must have been the oil, I thought, it claimed to be powerful.

No sooner had the laser beam been discovered, a few weeks later, which would have been after Passover 2013, voices began to appear. These were men and women who would be talking about me, and followed me wherever I went. The voices sounded like they came from microphones into a speaker, they were powerful voices, but, only I could hear them.

At the beginning they impersonated the voices of neighbours day and night, hearing a loudspeaker at night. The loudspeaker would broadcast my voice from thoughts put into my mind. They would impersonate my voice and family members. Software is available that this can be done. Every night the voices of neighbours were heard with every type of allegation made.

The people behind the beam believed I was one of the Two Witnesses or Antichrist, and this was broadcast out on the loudspeaker for the neighbours to hear, they included many other allegations.

One evening, I was convinced of angelic powers, and began calling down angels down heaven to visit the neighbours, showing signs in the heavens, displaying, thunder, lightning, hail like the biblical prophets of old. Assassination squads, police were coming to do the door, being pelted with hailstones, one police officer commented, “he hadn’t seen so much thunder and lightning in all his life”. The police were having nervous breakdowns coming to the door, being greeted by lions, and angels. They convinced me, I was the antichrist, at another point, with loud howling noises coming from the house, with the police running away with their lives.

I thought I was living in a parallel universe, because great apocalyptic events were taking place, that I could not see. The world was in turmoil, with great earthquakes and terrible destruction--yet all of this was not being observed by me. The voices convinced me for a while, that I was in a parallel universe and only would death bring me back to the real world. The voices had to capture me, to kill me in some fanciful way, to bring me back to the real world.

Once, I realised the neighbours voices were mimicked, they stopped using them. Since they were able to use my voice in such a way, broadcasting words never used, I reasoned they must have done the same or copied the voices of neighbours.

I was not certain on how and why these things were happening, but it soon, disabled my daily functions. I began staying indoors, not going to work, believing that everyone was talking about me and the physical and mental well being suffered. Everyone thinking I was crazy.

The voices claimed to be from the “police”, an occult group called, “The Golden Dawn”, “Israel” and the “Jesuits”. The moment the voices appeared, they were the police, who were going to send “assassination squads” to the house to wipe out the family.

The fanciful tales and scripts the voices would use, is unbelievable, not only was I the Biblical Antichrist, or one of Two Witnesses, but the Jewish Messiah and a Royal Descendant of the Jesus Family which needed to be tortured, but not killed. Though, how they explained the many assassination squads daily coming to my door, the black helicopters with a sniper missing me whilst I was walking down the road, the police firing squad coming to my garden to settle the score to see if I was the Antichrist or not, begs belief. The dog was really an Angel protecting me with an army of lions in the garden, so I was assured of Divine Protection.

And if anyone believes this is insanity, can you imagine living with this for months. These voices talked with me every day and night, often keeping me awake at night, and deliberately ensuring that I could not sleep. Even when taking a sleeping pill, it proved ineffective alongside the microwaves and energy beam. Usually at night, they gave energy pulses to the brain. They hacked into the mind, began imparting suggestions and thoughts into there, that did not come from me. The sensations are terrible on the brain, it feels like a pulsating sensation on the head with a headache.

One day, a strong energy field came over the whole body, which felt just like going through chemotherapy. The energy field went across the body from the bottom to the top, just like going for X-Rays in a machine. There was pain in the brain, that I was convinced half of my brain was destroyed and was living on half a brain. At the same time, at night, I went into some type of trance, where gibberish would be coming out of my mind. The voices expected this night after night, and told people not to worry about it. The craziest nonsense came out of my head, there was no coherent structure in my thoughts at all.

Following this, electromagnetic energy/microwaves where being beamed down so strong that I had to turn off the electricity supply on two occasions. Shouts from the neighbours said to turn off the power supply, the energy beam was going to kill them. To save the neighbourhood, I had to turn off the electricity. The power was very strong and overwhelming, but putting my head in the microwave oven proven ineffective. Sheltering under the stairs was of little help, nor was trying to put on silver foil. Whatever it was, it made the head very sore and could easily push people over the edge of insanity.

The voices must be computer voices since you hear the same people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They never go home, as you would expect, but there must be a controller behind the computer screen. They put subliminal messages in the tape recorder, so when listening to music, there would an underlining message the subconscious is receiving or being programmed with. They do not respect the religious customs or observances of the people they watch. The Sabbath is a time of ridicule, and Pentecost could not be observed due to the threats I was receiving. Often, they will use ridicule, or have debates with the person convincing them that they are irreligious or do not have any knowledge of any subject matter. The situation becomes one of psychological control and mind manipulation over another person.

These voices claimed to be members of the Golden Dawn, the Jesuits, Police and Israel. The voices would change with various accents. Israeli accents were used convincing me I was listening to someone important, which I thought to be Shimon Peres.

I was sent a dream prior to the voices. In the dream, I was sleeping, awoke by the sound of Mossad breaking into the house, they then put me on an airplane flying me to Israel where I was kept in a detention centre, but later escaped. The dream must be dream manipulation, the technology allows them to put dreams in the head. This dream became important to the Israeli voices, they kept promising to rescue me from other voices claiming to be the Golden Dawn. Some nights, voices were ring out, “Hey asshole” while lying on my bed to escape from it all. The Israeli’s viewed me as the chosen Jewish Messiah to be rescued from the sinister occult order of the Golden Dawn. This later changed to be viewed as Lucifer’s child, as in the movies, Dameon. Then, I would be one of God’s Two Witnesses, which the Israelis were determined to stop from getting into power. The scripts so bizarre, I would either have to be mentally certifiable to suggest them, or they would have to be true.

The Israeli voices believed that I was Jesus’ last offspring on the earth and needed to be taught a lesson in humility. They were going to rescue me in the night whilst the Golden Dawn were secretly plotting to send me to South Africa. The Israelis were going to put me on a plane to ship me off to some Arab country to face beheadings from the Islamic terrorists. But since I was one of the Two Witnesses, I would naturally escape by calling fire down from heaven. The script kept changing as you would expect. My family were going to South Africa without me, and I would end up in an Israeli detention centre where the most brutal torture would be melted out on Jesus’ son. The torture so severe, the eyes would water just thinking about it, with cold chills rolling down the spine and teeth gnashing as in the last day of judgment.

When the Golden Dawn interrogated me, my parents were secret spies for the Jews and we were born in Israel holding Israeli passports. They were convinced the Jews were going to rescue us from their clutches. Later this changed to my sister was carrying Lucifer’s child, and my parents were secret members of the Golden Dawn. My life was to be some type of Satanic sacrifice because I was the only Christian in the family, to be reborn, as the final Antichrist in the Bible. They kept informing me, Bible prophecy is reversed for their Order, and the true messiah is Lucifer’s son because we are living in a cartoon universe, with Jehovah enslaving mankind by making them cartoon characters at the end of their lives.

The Israelis would continually comment when using the toilet or washing. They were particularly focused on circumcision, and my observance of the laws of the Torah etc. Every act and detail of a person’s life is open for discussion with satellite surveillance. There just isn’t any privacy. The voices convinced me that my parents were trying to poison my food because they did not want me to be one of the Two Witnesses or the Biblical Antichrist. I began to pray over the meals looking at my parents with great suspicion.

There would be unusual smells into the house which smelt like poison in my mind. This made me believe that they were trying to poison me even though they denied it. The heart would also undergo great pressure, with the heart stopping and coming back on two occasions. Though this is debated with the voices who concede they have not tried to stop the heart with the laser beam. They merely are monitoring the heart beat they claim.

The satellite surveillance also send various cartoons to appear in front of me forming out of objects in the background of pictures, television, computer, clouds, on food packaging and everywhere I went. These cartoons convinced me that they were angels or elemental spirits in the occult, and made me reject the Bible. So confused as to this strange power happening to me, a local occult bookstore, when showing these pictures, was also convinced they were elemental spirits. Later on, these cartoons would take on a much more sinister role in brainwashing techniques. These cartoon characters can depict anything, they can be innocent or depict violence or some other form of deviance. They can show these to people on a continual basis, as if to brainwash the individual through the process of repetition. A typical brainwashing technique of these people is repetition in everything they do. They say the same things repeatedly, and the cartoon world, unusual smells, and other things they do, is to reinforce behaviour they want people to have.

Almost every night for at least a month, I had people claiming to be from one of these groups talking to me. They were going to set the house on fire, kill my parents and blame me for the murders. They were then going to send assassination squads to the door, imprison us, send us to the firing squad to see if I was one of the Two Witnesses, where I would miraculously came back to life. We would be found hanging in the prisons, and if the rope broke, it proved beyond a shadow of the doubt, the Lord was with me.

The Golden Dawn would then make an appearance, working with the police. We have been watching you from birth, claimed the Golden Dawn, from your time in South Africa until now. They claimed to have tried to kill me off at various times but could never get close enough until now. They claimed that my salvation had been lost when studying into the occult. They appeared to know a lot about the Worldwide Church of God, believing it to be the only true Christian group.

As if the threats were not bad enough to endure, there was constant criticism over everything that I would do or say, with every entrapment put in. They would criticise everything leaving me in an argumentative state, but all of this was for my benefit. At one time, I was accused of being America’s Most Wanted Terrorist. There isn’t an allegation they haven’t mentioned. At one time, I was accused of being an Anti Zionist Anti Semite Messianic Jew and a born again Christian. Some debate went on with the voices because they could never agree even amongst themselves on whether or not I was a Jew or a Christian or a Zionist or an Anti Zionist. This went on for some time.

They said they would cancel my passports, hack into my computer and email accounts, suspend my driving license, block telephone numbers of church members, cancel bank cards and put me on fraud charges to name but a few. It later got more sinister accusing me of child abduction, impersonating police officers, murder, terrorism and a host of other allegations. They also seem able to disable people by various frequencies they use, mostly, in the evening, the pain can be indescribable in the head. Lying on the bed gives some relief.

The technology is very advanced, one occasion I tried to play a sermon tape of Herbert W Armstrong, but the tape player would not press play. The voices said that Shaun did not want to listen to Herbert Armstrong, but after three hours, he changed his mind allowing me to hear the sermon.

These are some of my experiences under satellite surveillance, from people claiming some type of authority. This is not to undo the physical, mental, and financial strain these things do to people. God is our only rescue and hope from this situation. Ironically, I have never claimed to be one of the Two Witnesses, but merely did a chart noticing the occurring theme of numbers of 10 in my name, my name adding up to 1947 - the year Israel began. The last person, whom claimed to be one of the Two Witnesses, ended up in prison on fraud charges. Maybe these occult organisations target people whom they believe could be one of the Two Witnesses. Or maybe they are attacking the church one person at a time, so it never will appear like persecution on the whole church. But after what these people do to the mind and body, few, if any, would be willing to proclaim themselves as any special chosen vessel or a prophet. And if they can do it to a so called Jewish Christian, what hope has the rest of humanity. []

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