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Monday, 16 December 2013

Santa and His Beard

At Christmas time people are told the story of Santa coming down to offer gifts. Santa, is the kabbalah way of hiding the word Satan and both have a beard. In kabbalah words will be deliberately re-arranged to hide its original meaning (source: Modern Magick ). Do not let people tell you it is just a coincidence. The occultists will hide words by mixing up the letters.

In Second Book of Adam and Eve 17:4, "4 Satan then appeared to him with thirty men of his hosts, in the form of handsome men; Satan himself being the elder and tallest among them, with a fine beard."

In the story Satan appeared as an old man with a beard (Lost Books of the Bible by LB Press) who appeared to Jared with 30 of his hosts. Satan tempted Jared to leave the Cave of Treasuries to go down the mountain to mingle with the children of Cain. Satan appeared as an old man with a beard much like the Santa in mythology.

The story of Satan appearing as the old man eventually found its way into the myth of Saint Nicolas, later to be thought of as Santa Claus.

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