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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Tehudah Reformed Karaite Movement

One Jewish scholar laughed at the idea of George W Bush meeting a group of Messianic believers remarking that it would be like Christians accepting the Prophet Mohammed. Such a Jewish scholar obviously does not know about a Karaite Jewish Group which accepts the Prophet Mohammed as leading the religion back from a Roman corruption. Christian groups do accept the Prophet Mohammed, one such is the Christian Churches of God. Most Christians and Karaites do not however accept the Quran or the Prophet Mohammed.

The Tehudah Reformed Karaite movement is a form of Judaism that accepts the message of the New Testament with Jesus Christ as the "suffering" servant. Also accepting the Koran as authoritative alongside the Old and New Testaments.

From one of their articles:


Although being attributed with the founding of Islam, Mohammed's actual history is surprising to most. Mohammed's brother in law served as a Arabic New Testament translator for the Vatican. During his experience and eventual interactions with his brother-in-law, Mohammed, who converted to monotheism from paganism, began to realize there were serious problems with Rome's remake of the New Testament and the history of the middle-eastern prophets (which were better known in Arabia, than they were in Vatican Rome).

Not content to allow Rome to continue to convert the masses to it's modeified form of polytheism, Mohammed, considering himself a New Testament prophet after the manner of the charismatic gifts, and even being encouraged by a possibly equally troubled Catholic priest, begin his work as a prophet..and calling his work a 'restortion' and a 'continuation' of all that had come before, not the beginning of a new religion. His primary goal was restoration of New Testament monotheism in Arabia. What came later in Islam, much like what came later in Christianity at the Vatican, were based on traditions which were attributed to him, and are not found in the scriptural texts (in the Quran) originally associated with him. And like the New Testament itself, there are instances were certain critical doctrinal diversions were interpolated into the texts at a later date to support the changes being introduced by the various empires. It is quite possible historically, that Mohammed's ownn claim,t hat there was no distinction between his own ministry and the ministry of the New Testament apostles, and Old Testament (Tanak) prophets was actually real before the historical revisers and redactors and interpolators began their work.

Original source: Website: There YOUTUBE channel can be viewed here.

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