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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

UK Targeted Individuals

The UK has a few people on record which have claimed to be targeted individuals with the use of technology used by MI5 or some other sinister group. Whilst it may appear to be MI5 we will never know for sure who the perpetrators are who commit these crimes. Some Universities have research facilities who may be conducting experiments (eg University of Oxford), and there are plenty of sub contractors in the United States on the payroll. George Town University in America had a professor who was conducting mind control experiments during MKUltra under the supervision of the CIA. So these experiments are carried out by many people who form partnerships across the spectrum. I do not doubt this technology would be in the hands of MI5, but even so, likely to be a small closed unit within the organisation which most people who work there wouldn't even be aware of.

One person who worked at GCHQ once said to a friend, "You will not believe what goes on at GCHQ". My friend quickly stopped them from saying any more. Ironic that later on I would fall under the radar of satellite surveillance. Coincidence? God only knows. But no doubt, terrible things must be happening against the conscience of some people who work at GCHQ for that person to make such a frank statement.

UK Targeted Individuals

Freemasonry has a strangle hold of the UK, it is a special type of problem, few want to mention or talk about. The establishment are involved in freemasonry at the highest levels and it is this sickness which prevents justice and allows for targeted individuals to exist in the first place. It is not surprising that the authorities clamp down on targeted individuals by discrediting them and always try to lock them up in psychiatric care where possible. People who organise or want to start support groups are further discredited and their activities will quickly be stopped by either imprisonment or psychiatric care. It is in this situation we find targeted individuals. This the background few will venture to disclose. As Christians we must oppose secret societies.

According to the website: two people who were harassed by MI5 were:

Marina Llewellyn Findlay and Tadeusz Scozic had accused that MI5 is torturing and harassing them in medical and remote assault systems testing for plausible deniability and human effect, but: my position is this: these two victims where destroyed healthwise and their entire life because their local Police was protecting the squads.

The MI5 as well as the Interpol and other black operations groups are supposed to be secret, the public and the victims do not know them.


"Marina Llewellyn Findlay who was based in the Edinburgh area on and off already from 1994 to 2008. In her writings she describes electronic physical torture and genomic medicine destruction and rebuilding of body parts and body tissue, functions that the funded genomic medicine project is still researching and experimenting on.

Marina Findlay is a Wiccan engaged in occult activity and placed on a targeted individual list. Just as in my experience, examining the occult was sufficient for the authorities to put me in the mind control programme. One thing the mind control does is to prevent visualisation essential for occult practice which would make it difficult for a Wiccan to continue her religious practice.

Occultists not in their own controlled secret societies are spied on and targeted. Few realise that those in power want to maintain occult power into the hands of a few who rule through powerful occult groups. Individuals on their own are prime targets for the State to spy on them by placing them in mind control programmes. Adolf Hitler exterminated the Jewish Kabbalist Rabbi's first. The same is true for Christians. Unorthodox Christians outside of the controlled State religions are also placed on watch lists.

Tips to Survive Death

Whilst it may not be MI5 doing these things, some sinister group is to many of us. If they cannot send you insane they will try to silently kill you off. Most of these programmes now are designed to kill people off. They are not experimental since most of the experiments have been happening for over 20 years or more. One person in the 1980s was put on synthetic telepathy in Europe, this shows you how far back this secret technology goes.

One website offers the methods they use to try to kill people off (although it may not be MI5, the tactics are certainly the same). From

Murder- There are 3 main areas in MI5 murder.

1) Induced suicide - They may simply tell you that if you don’t take your own life MI5 will, but very painfully, gorily and degradingly. They torture you by typical means whilst giving ideas and images psychically on how to kill yourself. They persuade you that it’s better to be dead than revolting, evil or useless etc., depending on their psychological torture angle. Obviously, they can make the torture so unbearable that death seems like a better option.

2) Induced car crash - The most popular method of inducing a car crash is by knocking you out when you are going fast- They can cause you to lose your accurate perception of time, so that while on a country road you may feel like you are driving at 50mph when in fact you’re at 80mph – you will likely come off the road at a corner. Your sense of balance can be disrupted so you find it hard to steer - this is caused by auditory system manipulations. They can put pictures into your minds’ eye so you can’t even see the road, and will subliminally suggest related thoughts to move you into a separate reality so you forget you are supposed to be driving. By altering your vision, vehicles can be made to appear to jump between 10metres and 30metres so your sense of distance is very distorted – fatal when overtaking.

3) Fatal injury - Using ESB they frequently mimic heart failure by stopping your heart completely, or heart attack by speeding it up. Also using ESB they can stop your breathing to mimic dying from the likes of a panic attack. Also, quite easily they can give you brain damage by causing pressure electro-magnetically. If they murder you carelessly they blackmail (or use conspiring) police or doctors to cover it up


What Can You Do

Realise that you are not alone. You need to research the technology if you hope to survive it. Those who do not know what is happening to them will find it difficult to cope with. The first three months is a crucial period. During the first three months some people will take their own life because the torture can be severe. The body is not used to extreme torture over a long period of time.

In time the body will get used to it if that is any consolation. Avoid telling to many people about what is happening to you except immediate family and any friends who may be sympathetic. The people want to isolate the target by creating as much disruption as possible. They may want to send you to psychiatric hospitals -- my advice is to stay away and if you need to go take all the information on the technology you can with you to back you up. Police will not be interested either because the system supports itself. They are just two separate pillars on the same tree, one on the left and the other on the right.

Religion can help a person get through some of the torture. Pray to God and Jesus Christ often and uplift yourself by listening to Christian music. Learn about others who are targeted individuals. We have to remain positive and just focus on getting through the first year of the torture. One day at a time.

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