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Friday, 27 December 2013

University of Reading

Brain computer interface research has gone on since the 1970s if not earlier. There is an interesting article on Wikipedia, called Brain-Computer Interface, showing the history of some of this research.

As my general research into this subject is based on being put into one of these mind control programmes using synthetic telepathy and laser beam technology, it shocks me to find research has been going on secretly for years.

We are often told by our own doctors that we are crazy yet a simple google search on "brain computer interface" will reveal some unlikely sources.

Universities are funded for this research, one of them being the University of Oxford, now another is the University of Reading. From the UK BCI Research Community (University of Reading):

The UK BCI Research Community is a multi-institution, multi-disciplinary group of researchers from across the UK who are interested in all aspects of Brain Computer Interface research and development. Its members include; neurologists, psychologists, engineers, computer scientists, biologists and experts in Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

BCI is a growth area internationally and in order for the UK to be competitive collaboration and communication between UK institutions is essential. There are a number of ways we can help each other and further the cause of BCI research in the UK. This site aims to address, among other ares, the following ...

Other groups involved in this research are The Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, UK, and Newcastle University amongst others. Source:

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Despite what our doctors say there is valid research going on with the human brain, computer interfaces, and secret technology linked to satellites used to track individual brain waves to harass them through technology. Intelligence services take advantage of this technology to beam synthetic voices to the brain, sending down laser beams from satellites, linking it to EEG software on computer screens, using chatterboxes to send targets insane. Those who work on these technologies must realise our government is using it to kill and discredit individuals through targeted assassination programmes.

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