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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Voice Data Image Induction

The voice to skull is one of the technologies aimed at myself. It is called synthetic telepathy but also called Voice Data Image Induction. One way to recognise it is ringing in the ears and voices may be heard mimicking neighbours or friends coming from the "sky" or internally.

Remember you are not always crazy when hearing voices. Technology is behind these things through secret programmes and authorities will try to put people away in psychiatric hospitals. This is easier than to recognise the true horror by government agencies or private contractors.

From the website:

Voice/Data/Image induction

This form of electronic harassment causes an individual to think they are loosing their mind or that they have a mental illness. There are 3 known methods of imposing VDI induction.

Mircrowave transmitter is hidden in this church tower Microwave Carrier ULF-UHF Induction Method. This method utilizes a modulated microwave signal with either an audio, video, or other form of signal or even data may be used. The microwave energy with the VDI (Voice/Data/Image) carrier signal is then directed to the target area or individual. The reaction to this modulated microwave energy from one individual to another will usually be slightly different making it very difficult to diagnose as electronic harassment. The Voice/Data/Image induction form of harassment causes victims to hear voices in their heads or see random images or lights. Similar technology was developed to enable communication between humans and dolphins or even was purported to be used by secret agencies for the purposes of mind reading and control. A device known as the wireless neurophone has been patented along with other such devices that perform similar functions. A microwave carrier ULF-UHF induction device can be placed at a targets location and operated and monitored remotely. Transmission locations can be concealed in the same ways that cell telephone transmission sites so that they cannot be identified easily. See Stealth for some examples of the way cell antennas can be hidden in plain sight.

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