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Monday, 9 December 2013

Weather Modification

Vic Livingston, a former journalist now a targeted individual, does independent research into mind control, microwaves, and micro towers. He is on a hit list to get blasted with microwaves and other forms of covert harassment.

They put me on an "assassination" type of programme under the mind control. Beaming voices to me with scalar waves, microwaves, and putting a blue laser beam on me. In this programme they pretend to be police officers who are part of an assassination squad to come around the house to shoot me. They then threatened to kill family members. Other times they claim they will set me up for murder and some of the most heinous offences. The people then claim to be Israel who will torture me in Israel, taking on Israeli accents. Yet to hear a single word of Hebrew. They threaten to poison me, hang me, imprison me, or set me up for many offences. Once they get tired of this, they say they will send me into a psychiatric hospital. Whoever the people are, the system is aimed to end people's lives. It is the most horrific and evil type of assassination programme. It places fear in the minds of people so that they will do things to end their lives. It is called silent kill. The evil Satanists behind this will burn in hell fire. They have tried to kill me off 3-4 times but have been unsuccessful through this mind programme.

Nevertheless, Vic Livingston believes they can change the weather with the technology. He writes:

"As this journalist first reported more than three years ago, a top-secret electromagnetic weapon system grid deployed on cell towers and satellites is capable of stealth electromagnetic attacks on any human or military "target" at the speed of light. The weapon grid also is capable of "altering atmospheric conditions," according to U.S. Patent 7629918, held by Raytheon, for the "multifunctional radio frequency directed energy weapon." As this reporter first disclosed, the weapon system is administered day-to-day by cyber-security units of Lockheed Martin, the world's largest defense contractor and the prime cyber-security contractor to U.S. agencies and commands."

He is right they can change the weather. From my experience the people behind the technology can cause thunder and lightning, can start and stop rain and create a rainbow. This is what they have shown me, since they are not shy in showing me their technology.

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