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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Woolwich Attack and Conspiracy

The Huffington Post covers a story about a conspiracy that has emerged over the tragic events of two muslims killing a soldier who fought for his country. Apparently there are some discrepancies with the pictures that some people have highlighted on blogs and youtube videos.

The article is called, Woolwich Attack: Bizarre Conspiracy Theories Claim Entire Incident Was A Hoax .

Zionism, is under the Catholic Order of Sion, known as (Scottish Rite of Freemasonry), which includes crypto Christians and Jews who come under Rome's influence in the 33 degree under Jesuit control ruling with Bilderbergs, Committee of 300, Club of Rome and other societies added in for good measure.

This is not true Zionism but a deception of Jesuitism. Madame Blavatsky said the Jesuits wrote the higher degrees of Freemasonry and rule that organisation (source: Isis Unveiled by Blavatsky). See Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Chapter 8: Jesuitry and Masonry for more information. South African Adventist, Walter Veith, also mentions this information. Armstrongites are deceived by some of their own ministers who do not speak out against this deception.

Christian Zionism outside of masonry is the only true form of Zionism which teaches the Torah and Testimony of Jesus Christ staunchly believing in British Israelism. Herbert W Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God is an example of true Zionism. Armstrong did not understand the "Quran" but this has been revealed in these latter days to a minster, Wade Cox of the Christian Churches of God, and some of it has been revealed to me. The Quran is for a Jewish Christian audience and Zionists should understand its concepts. Those who do not are part of Jesuit Zionism as opposed to the true form of Zionism -- Christian Jewish Zionism.

Jesuit Zionism often portrays muslims as terrorists because they want a war with the Arab people which will eliminate billions of people from off the planet. The conflict over Jerusalem will spill over to many nations. Islam is demonised because people would be shocked at the content of the Quran. The Quran came down from the God of Israel to an Arab, certainly a test for the Jews, whom are known to reject every Prophet and Messenger sent to them (source: Old Testament Prophets, Vision of Paul). The Quran tells us about seven heavens, life in the gardens of Paradise and the fate of the wicked to name a few. It tells us about King Solomon and his dealings with the demons also written in the Testament of Solomon. Those who condemn the Quran have either not read it nor really understand its contents. The Quran reveals information missing from Christianity. Kabbalists understand some of the contents of the Quran.

The Muslims who committed the terrible deed will be punished in the end. Those who commit murder cannot hide behind religion or a holy book to justify their deeds. We will all be judged by our deeds in this life. It may be possible the Muslims were victims of mind control programmes, but we will never really be certain of this nor of their motivation.

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