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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Zionism and Catholicism: Bed Fellows

The UK government has defended its position to spy on its citizens. Blogs one predominately Anti Zionist, Craig Murray, in the article, Edward Snowden Gets Sam Adams Award:

There has been a determined attempt by government to justify the need to intercept everybody’s communications, all the time. We have, yet again, had MI5 claim there are many thousand violent Islamic terrorists running around the UK, (yet somehow not managing to kill anybody).

Zionism today is in the bed with the Roman Catholic church. The two are inseparable. Jews and Catholics work together. See the article, Is a Jesuit good for the Jews?. Shimon Peres, in the Israeli government went to a Jesuit University (source: The Rabin Memoirs and Barry Chamish website). Shimon Peres is the leader in sponsoring and wanting mind brain technological research to be carried out in Israel. Joseph Biden, Vice President of the United States is a Roman Catholic and a Zionist. Rupert Murdoch, Papal Knight promotes Zionism on Sky Media, and in his newspapers. The Rockefellers gave land to Georgetown University: "In December 1979, the Marquesa Margaret Rockefeller de Larrain, granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller, gave the Villa Le Balze to Georgetown University." (source: Georgetown University Wikipedia)

Wikipedia which tends to be anti conspiracy even admits that Lord Rothschild is in charge of Papal treasures. Lord Rothschild is an Austrian Jewish baron who promotes Zionism.

On Lord Rothschild from Wikipedia:

The C M de Rothschild & Figli bank arranged substantial loans to the Papal States and to various Kings of Naples plus the Duchy of Parma and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. However, in the 1830s, Naples followed Spain with a gradual shift away from conventional bond issues that began to affect the bank's growth and profitability. The Unification of Italy in 1861, with the ensuing decline of the Italian aristocracy who had been the Rothschild's primary clients, eventually brought about the closure of their Naples bank, due to declining forecasts for long-term business sustainability. However, in the early 19th century, the Rothschild family of Naples built up close relations with the Vatican Bank, and the association between the family and the Vatican continued into the 20th century. In 1832, when Pope Gregory XVI was seen meeting Carl von Rothschild, observers were shocked that Rothschild was not required to kiss the Pope's feet, as was then required for all other visitors to the Pope, including monarchs.[37]

“ "Rothschilds... are the guardians of the papal treasure." -Encyclopedia Judaica, 1901–1906, Vol. 2, p.497

As an interesting side note, "The Rothschild family has been in the winemaking industry for 150 years" owning many Château's in France. Someone takes the Bible seriously! Take note, Revelation 6:6, ""A quart of wheat for a denarion, and three quarts of barley for a denarion, but don't damage the olive oil and the wine." The wine and oil will not be touched by the famine coming on the earth.

Anti Zionists mislead the people. Zionism, Jesuitism and Roman Catholicism work together in maintaining the holy land under the vessel of the Papacy to ensure a Temple is rebuilt under Jewish control. The papacy then using its powers to fulfil Bible prophecy will lead the world into damnation until Jesus Christ returns.

Edward Snowden received the Sam Adam's Award for outstanding journalism. It will be interesting to see if he reveals the microwave technology the US has been working on since the 1970s.

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