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Saturday, 4 January 2014

British Man Dies in Libya

The BBC reported a British man, who was working to restore electricity in the area was killed in Libya. Reports the BBC article, Briton shot dead in Libya named as Mark De Salis

A Briton who was shot dead in Libya has been named by UK Foreign Office as energy worker Mark De Salis.

Mr De Salis's family said they were shocked and devastated by his killing.

The bodies of Mr De Salis, who had worked in Tripoli for six years, and a woman from New Zealand were discovered in western Libya by security forces on Thursday.

In a statement issued through the Foreign Office, Mr De Salis's family said he had been working as a power manager for First Engineering, bringing generators to Tripoli to provide electricity.

...Mellitah is near the town of Zuwarah, 60 miles (100km) west of Tripoli.

The area is home to a large oil and gas complex co-owned by Italian company ENI.

Libya has had many conquests throughout its sad history. It was part of the Roman Empire known as Roman Libya, until eventually falling under Islamic control. Libya has obviously fallen back under Roman control with Italian oil and gas companies now in Libya. Gaddafi would be turning in his grave.

Historically, Jews have also waged battles in Libya. From Wikipedia:

... serious was the Jewish revolt striking mainly the Pentapolis in the time of Trajan (in 115-116 AD). In Cyrenaica, the rebels were led by one Lukuas or Andreas, who called himself "King" (according to Eusebius of Caesarea). His group destroyed many temples, including those to Hecate, Jupiter, Apollo, Artemis, and Isis, as well as the civil structures that were symbols of Rome, including the Caesareum, the basilica, and the thermae (Imperial public baths). The Greek and Roman populations were massacred: the 4th-century Christian historian Paulus Orosius records that the violence so depopulated the province of Cyrenaica that new colonies had to be established by Hadrian:

The Jews ... waged war on the inhabitants throughout Libya in the most savage fashion, and to such an extent was the country wasted that, its cultivators having been slain, its land would have remained utterly depopulated, had not the Emperor Hadrian gathered settlers from other places and sent them thither, for the inhabitants had been wiped out.

After Hadrian Christianity started to be the most important religion in Roman Libya until the arrival of the Arabs.

The Jews waged war with the Roman occupiers of Libya, destroying the Roman temples dedicated to Hecate (the goddess of Witchcraft), Jupiter, Apollo, Artemis and Isis (Goddess of Witchcraft and Occult groups like Golden Dawn). Here we see a common theme, the gods of Rome are shared with the occult societies.

The Jews bravely fought these pagan gods of Rome, so historically Rome and Judah were mortal enemies. However, we see on the world scene, the situation has considerably changed since those ancient days. The Bible says an Antichrist is coming, with all the Pomp on the past (Rev 13, 17, 18), sitting in a newly built Temple ( 2 Thess 2:4) deceiving the world with false miracles (Rev 13:13-18). Libya was taken out to bring it back under the Roman Empire, few understand Bible prophecy. The world will soon have a final resurrection of the ancient Roman Empire.

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