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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Darpa's Lifelog Program

An interesting piece from the following article which reveals much about the technology which we experience as targeted individuals.

From the article, DARPA on Your Mind by Jonathan D. Moreno

Think your brain is being controlled or disrupted by the Pentagon? You risk being called a nut, but the notion is not so far-fetched. Current research at the intersection of neuroscience and national security might one day produce weapons that literally boggle (or, if desired, enhance) the mind. This would give us unprecedented war-fighting superiority as well as a set of ethical dilemmas that could make genetically-modified-organism issues pale in comparison.

DARPA’s now cancelled LifeLog program was a step away: The idea was to create a database with every communication an individual has written, all pictures taken of them, and every bit of information about them. Then use the Global Positioning System to track all their movements and sensors to record what they say, see, and hear and add that to the database. The unfolding events in a potential terrorist’s life could be reconstructed in all their dimensionality. But so could yours or mine, and a civil-liberties outcry after DARPA disclosed the project led to its demise.

The project is likely still going on secretly and saying that it is cancelled is likely to be a cover story. The Life Log programmes seems to want to monitor and track the individual through satellite possibly through these particle laser beams linked to GPS. They admit they can see and hear everything people do. This is complete mind hacking capabilities.

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