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Friday, 31 January 2014

David Cameron, Sherlock Holmes and Snooping Powers

David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain is inspired by watching crime fictional on television using their methods as a means to push further intrusion into people's lives. The Torah allows for unresolved crime where an animal sacrifice has to be made (Deuteronomy 21:1-9).

God knew in advance not all crime would be resolved this side of God's Kingdom on the earth. We have to have the grace to accept the validity of the Torah. Punishment comes in the after life in any case.

David Cameron's views are in the article, TV crime dramas like Homeland and Sherlock show why we need snooping laws to catch terrorists, the article writes:

The Prime Minister said he wanted to resurrect plans to allow the police and security services to eavesdrop on the public’s internet and mobile phone use.

The contentious legislation was dropped last year amid a storm of protest from civil liberties groups and the Liberal Democrats.

The UK government already listens in to everyone's telephone calls. The Jews blew the whistle on this in their book: The Secret Wars Against The Jews. They admit GCHQ routes all calls through a computer system in Menwith Hill. Some Jews who are no fan of the British or her spy network will often spill the beans in their books. Ironically, David Cameron is part of the Conservative Friends of Israel. Obviously this book is missing from his library shelf.

The article continued:

He told a parliamentary security committee that monitoring private information was essential to keep citizens safe from terrorist attack and serious criminals.

He said: ‘In the most serious crimes [such as] child abduction, communications data... is absolutely vital – who called who and when, and where was the telephone at the time. Not the content, but the communications data.

‘I love watching crime dramas on the television. There’s hardly a crime drama where a crime is solved without using the data of a mobile communications device.’

The argument is that mobile telephone records are essential to catch hardened criminals. Hardened criminals will not commit a crime whilst carrying a mobile telephone knowing it is a tracking device nor will they talk about their crimes on a mobile. This defeats the object of his argument. Terrorists will not openly discuss their plans on mediums liable for interception.

These measures only seek to spy on the ordinary citizen gaining as much private information as is possible, sometimes, they use this for black mail purposes. As in the case of the News of the World scandals, where telephones were hacked into, details of private lives were soon splashed onto the front pages of the newspapers.

All the information David Cameron wants to get from the public is already in the computers of GCHQ in Menwith Hill. They have data collection going back years, probably personal files on each citizen. His arguments do not match existing revelations with Edward Snowden and the NSA surveillance network targeting innocent American's for surveillance. A new law is wanted for Internet Providers to store a year of internet activities. With the computers at the intelligence service they can hack into anything and can quite easily snoop on people's computers through backdoor programmes built into Windows and other applications.

The reality of what goes on is different to what is aired in a newspaper or on a public platform. They play the "pretend" game that nothing evil or sinister is happening in the world contrary to the evidence gained from whistleblowers.

The article concluded:

The police can already tell when, where and who made a mobile phone call or sent a text message.

But they cannot always trace the origin of an email, a message sent via instant messaging or a phone call made over the internet.

Revelations by US whistleblower Edward Snowden, who lifted the lid on the scale of GCHQ’s role with America’s National Security Agency in monitoring electronic communications around the world, have also seen demands for the law drop down the agenda.

The News of the World were hacking into mobile telephones to listen to conversations. Technology exists that allows this. It is likely the police, knowing about this technology will make full use of it. They may gain useful information listening to people who think their conversations are not being heard or recorded. The technology allows eavesdropping even when the mobile telephone is switched off. Cameras can also be hacked into remotely attached to the mobile telephone and turned on, recording everything that is going on. The police and government who want to know juicy bits of information about people could easily make use of this technology. It would be difficult to prove eavesdropping.

We are living in a time when the government has been taken over by people determined to usher in a New World Order which the Bible calls The Antichrist system (Rev 13, 17, 18) that will rule for a short time before the return of Jesus Christ. For a global conspiracy to finally emerge on the world people have to be behind the scenes plotting and planning it before hand.

People in the New Age movement are behind bringing in an age of the Christ. Leaders in the Catholic church are determined to have the world ruled by the Vatican ruling from Jerusalem. The Jews are determined to bring the world to a point of redemption with the rebuilding of a newly rebuilt Temple and a reformed religion throughout the world. Radical Muslims want to purge Judaism and Christianity off this planet to bring us under the final Islamic rule. Satanists and black magic magicians conspire to destroy Christianity and Judaism through controlling and manipulating evil spirits in magic circles hoping to bring a golden dawn age on this earth under the Laws of Thelema.

The conspirators are many in this world who want to destroy the remaining peace in this world. A Kingdom of Darkness will soon descend on humanity before experiencing the true light of Jesus Christ. God heed the day, He sends His son to return.

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