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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Death of Hilda Murrell

Hilda Murrell, a 78 year old woman, was murdered on March 21 1984, the time of the Spring Equinox. She was a campaigner against the building of a nuclear plant.

In an article entitled, The mysterious death of Hilda Murrell

Trade unionists, peace activists and almost anyone else who disapproved of the Government watched for signs of the security services tapping their phones or reading their letters or bugging their meetings and, while Ministers sneered at their anxiety, hard evidence trickled out from the hidden corners of the corridors of power to confirm the worst of their fears.

West Midlands Special Branch were caught spying on a housewife whose only offence was to have written to a newspaper about nuclear weapons. The European Court accused London of tapping phones illegally. Devon and Cornwall Special Branch were ordered to weed their files when the new Chief Constable discovered the extent of their surveillance. The Government tried to suppress the evidence of Peter Wright and Cathy Massiter, but both of them emerged to disclose how their former colleagues in MI5 had bugged and burgled and opened files on “the enemy within”.

she was an "active member of several anti-nuclear groups and speculated that she had been killed by an intruder who was looking for a paper which she was due to present at the public inquiry into the construction of the Sizewell B nuclear power station. Other newspapers began to wonder out loud whether this was the British version of the death of Karen Silkwood, who died mysteriously as she was about to blow the whistle on the American nuclear industry."

She had been stabbed and kicked in the head. It was thought the British Intelligence Service was behind her murder from insiders who studied the case.

From the article:

In the House of Commons, on December 19 1984, the Labour MP Tam Dalyell produced an entirely different theory. Listing the same discrepancies which had been noted by the New Statesman, he declared that there was nothing at all in the Sizewell theory since Miss Murrell’s paper was “elegantly expressed but unoriginal”. The answer, he said, was that Miss Murrell had been killed by “men of the British Intelligence” who were looking for documents concerning the Belgrano, the Argentinian cruiser whose sinking had been turned by Dalyell into a devastating political attack on the Prime Minister.

Dalyell said he had a source who had told him that Miss Murrell’s nephew, Commander Robert Green, had been working as an intelligence officer with the Royal Navy during the Falklands war and had personally sent the signal which ordered the sinking of the Belgrano. According to this source, Green had been appalled by the sinking and had taken early retirement, making him a suspect for the security services when they started hunting around to see if anyone had removed any paperwork about the incident.

Some thought it to be the nuclear industry which was behind her untimely death, the government and even the freemasons were used to scare the police.

From the article:

After months of inquiry, the retired naval intelligence officer listed his conclusions: “I used to think that only MI5 and their private detective stooges, over laid by the CIA and Westinghouse thugs, were likely to be involved. But now British Telecom, the Post Office, the Fire Service and the police themselves seem to be up to their necks in it… I can think of only one secret, all-pervasive organisation which could pull all these strings and which might have the motive to do so: the Freemasons.” Masonic symbols had been sketched in the pebbles in his aunt’s drive, he surmised, to warn off the police.

...Three of Miss Murrell’s friends reported that Miss Murrell had been frightened in the weeks before her death. One was an 83-year-old woman, Con Purser, who took nearly two years to produce this information and volunteered that she had recently seen Hilda in a cloud over her garden, smiling at her. Another was a Shrewsbury peace campaigner, Laurens Otter, who took more than a year to produce the information; his latest theory is that Miss Murrell was not only under surveillance before her murder but that on the day of the crime she attracted two different hit squads who turned up to kill her and ended up squabbling about who should do the job. The third witness, Gerard Morgan-Grenville, has always maintained that Miss Murrell rang him in fear one night. Maybe she was frightened. Everyone else was.

It looks like they were killing people off in the 1980s-the old fashioned way. Today they hide behind the skirt of a satellite link. These days they hide behind energy weapons, microwaves and synthetic telepathy. The government has no shame putting an old woman under surveillance. GCHQ works for the rich ruling families who use their services to safeguard their financial interests. The book called MI6 claimed that MI6 had hit squads assassinating people. It may have been MI6 that finished the poor woman off. We will never know.

She was killed during the Spring Equinox. Perhaps we ought to call in the Golden Dawn for a magical ritual. Archangel Michael, might be able to help resolve this one.

Times do not change. Life just gets worst and so do those in power.

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