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Friday, 10 January 2014

Diary Post: 11 January 2014

Microwaves sent to the head making a severe head ache and uncomfortable feeling, waking me up and keeping me awake in the early hours of the morning.

Beaming voices to me again, "go and kill yourself, hang yourself, you like Shaun don't you, listen to what Shaun has to say, "Go and hang yourself", we couldn't kill him, even if we tried.""

And the organisations which expose these programmes say it is for experimental purposes only? They are lying to us. It is silent assassination, with the aim of ending people's lives.

They put a rope in my mind tonight. Notice how many people end up hanging themselves in our world, could they be victims of this type of assassination programme?

Threats to hack into my computer, plant evidence, have me arrested and to slit my throat in police custody.

This is a senseless programme, and wouldn't give the idiots the satisfaction of killing myself. I believe in God, Jesus Christ and hope to inherit salvation. They are evil twisted freaks which will end up burning in the gates of hell.

Perhaps because it is a 111, they decide to come out of the woodwork to torture me. Some type of occult power in the numbers for these people.

Maybe they will be trying the old fashion method this year, labelling it "suicide", but we will all know it would be murder.

My Opinion on Haarp: Haarp is used for mind control purposes not weather modification. They send out scalar waves so they can read people's minds in an area. They incite violence in foreign nations by beaming these scalar waves to populations. Nations need to protect themselves from harp. Weather modification is just an excuse so that you do not realise it is for mind control of populations.

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