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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Diary Post: 4 January 2014

It is now going into 11 months since being put on the "synthetic" telepathy and noticing the laser beam (blue/purple in colour), and being diagnosed as a "targeted individual". It is a silent assassination programme compared to other people who are also on these programmes.

There are key differences. Today, the voices said to me "we wish you were in the Nazi Concentration Camp" hoping that I would be gassed to death. There is a Jew on the "target individual" list who is Vic Livingston who has been on a target list for 9 years. Although he doesn't seem to get the synthetic telephathy 24/7 like I do.

Here are the key differences with my assassination programme:

1. Voices beamed from the sky telling me they are the police and would be arrested on heinous charges (they vary, and at one time I was America's most Wanted terrorist).

2. Synthetic telepathy beamed 24/7 for over 10 months, with the exception of the first two-three weeks where voices came from the sky.

3. Cartoons have been used beamed onto packaging, televisions, pictures and curtains.

4. Death threats used continually and threats of assassination police, hit squads coming so you better kill yourself, or you will be found dead hanging from a prison. Dream manipulation used showing me ropes, prison and hanging.

5. Escaped car crashes where they would deliberately try to kill you off by blurring eyes, or some method of distraction.

6. Use microwaves on family members where they would also get beamed voices from the sky.

7. Sleep disturbance used, followed by death threats and insults. Subliminal voices put into music telling me to kill myself.

8. Chemical smells sent to me at various times.

9. They try to interfere with the heart or breathing but God will never allow them to kill me off this way since it would be a violation of His Law.

10. Usual computer hacking, silent calls, and one car break in. Three cars destroyed in the case of one year under surveillance leaving me currently without transport.

Some people on these programmes believe it to be harassment or experimentation rather than an "assassination" programme. In experimentation you generally do not tell the people they are part of a heinous experiment since this will likely affect the outcome of the experiment. It would create a "bias" since the subject would work towards thwarting the experiment. Experiments where subjects are told to kill themselves would be a contradiction. People often do not want to face the plain truth. These weapons have gone past "experimentation" which was done in the 1970/80s, with animals being used in mind control experiments not humans in labs. Placing a person into one of these programmes is either to harass them or to kill them off using a silent method of torture. Nazi Scientists were killed at Nuremberg for doing less.

They tried to get me diagnosed with "mental" illness when it first started. Threatening me with police arrest, if I did not comply with their commands, sending me unknown torture on the head with the microwaves until I complied. But I have never taken the medication which they prescribed for me. Herbert W Armstrong taught strongly against medicine for over 50 years, relying on faith. So my belief is to stay away as much as possible from the "pharmaceutical" industry as humanly possible.

They gave some type of torture one evening it felt like having gone through chemotherapy and felt like half of my brain was not working, and became convinced that I had been brain damaged. Then when trying to sleep for the following two to three nights, incoherent speech came out of my mind, what can only be described as gibberish. Maybe they were trying to give me cancer or something. Or they were trying to erase my mind. Who really knows. But thank God, it was unsuccessful. God looks after us even when we do not think about it.

The media ignores the plight of "targeted individuals" for the most part, (of course there may be exceptions) pretends microwave energy weapons does not exist and if it does, that they would certainly not use it on their own citizens. We can live in a pretend world or we can live in the real world.

The programme is continuing in full swing. Recently they have been disturbing my sleep again, keeping me awake until the early hours of the morning, so I wake up late and feeling very tired most of the day. They keep those annoying chatterboxes on me all day long and all night. NO solace for the Sabbath. They told me they wished I had been gassed in Nazi Germany. Charming, with Israeli voices too. They call these things moral, what they do to people. There is a court in heaven which the Jews know about. It is the Sanhedrin. All decisions can be overturned in this Heavenly Court, and particularly some of the things they do to me would have been discussed in this court. The people who do this often blaspheme God's Heavenly Throne, Court, Angels, and anything to do with truth. They are typical SkULL and BONES, they make a "covenant with death", preferring to talk about death and ways on how to kill people off. Anything to do with Bible truth, they shun.

The voices talking about death just doesn't affect me anymore. So one cannot use this as a nice little excuse to hide behind. I am stubborn Jewish Christian, and will not risk loosing salvation for anyone. They hope eventually a lot of people will get so tired of the torture they decide to take their own lives. There must be a percentage of people that do this. Religious types on the other hand are very stubborn, since religious values do not permit ending one's life. They know this in these programmes. If this is going to happen it would have been during the first month when people do not know what is going on with them. Information has helped me tremendously. Knowing about the technology, how it works, what it is, and enabled me to put it into context. Religious faith has saved me from becoming another sad statistic of unexplained deaths. Herbert W Armstrong taught salvation can be lost at any time, and therefore no matter what happens, we must endure, since eternal life is our goal, not this physical earth whose beauty is fading.

Another consolation is that they do not put people on "target" lists if they are wrong, a liar or a deceiver. Often they will use thoughts that I am lying to get me to confess to things that are not true to justify the torture and surveillance. They can turn thought into audio speech. They put thoughts into the mind and then convert them into audio speech so it actually looks like the thoughts emanated from you. This is to take away the value of the "research or bible truth" that I have and to discredit. But if a person has no truth they wouldn't waste them time and money putting them on target lists. They only put people who have some special "truth" on these programmes that they wish to discredit, whether they be political or religious.

It is likely the surveillance has gone on for years before hand, and the voices which begin are the culmination of years of surveillance after they have determined what they want to do with the target individual which varies.

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