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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Did the Vatican Create Islam?

One of the theories making the rounds is that the Vatican created Islam. This seems to stem from testimony of an ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, which was told to him by Cardinal.

This testimony can be found in How the Vatican created Islam promoted by a Sabbath keeping group, The Remnant of God, former SDA.

The Vatican did not create the Prophet Muhammed nor the Quran. This was the work of God, a small foreign work, to the House of Israel, to get the people back to Sabbath keeping, inform them about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Great White Throne Judgement known as the Second resurrection.

Islam today has changed from its original Christian Jewish roots. The Quran must be viewed in line of existing scriptures of the God of Israel. Allah is the God of Israel.

Mistranslations have plagued the Quran similar to the Holy Scriptures and it has become the book nobody really understands. It is final revelation, the little book of Rev 10 sent down by an angel prior to Christ's return. It is meant to be "commentary" on the Bible.

From the article: Secret Tradition of Islam By Life Science Fellowship:

By the time of Jesus, the esoteric spiritual side of the Hebrew religion had been corrupted and almost lost. People were enslaved to the "letter of the law," kept in the bondage of ignorance by false teachers, not realising that "the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life." Thus the Essenes, being the true Israelite priests and the mystic precursors of the early Christians, concerned themselves with rediscovering the inner meaning of the Mosaic Law. Within the first four centuries after Christ, the teachings of Jesus underwent the same corruption and loss as those proclaimed by Moses. Christianity emerged as a powerful institution dominated by a clerical hierarchy largely ignorant of the original esoteric truths. The Gospels, like the books of the Old Testament, underwent editing and revision to comply with the exoteric Christian creed. The many Christian Gnostic texts, that spoke of esoteric doctrines, were denounced and confined to the flames.

Messenger of Allah At the same time that in the West the Church of Rome emerged triumphant, in the East arose a new prophet and Messenger of God. In the ancient land of Arabia, in fulfilment of age old prophecies, Muhammed began to proclaim complete surrender to the One God of all mankind. His message became known as Islam, the last of the great revealed religions. And after the manner of Moses and Jesus, the prophet Muhammed distinguished between the exoteric and esoteric dimensions of religion. Being the last of all the celestial faiths, Islam contained the essential divine truths of all the earlier revelations.

At first Muhammed confided his experience only to a small group of close associates. Soon, an inner circle or secret school of disciples began to form around him, and in time they publicly proclaimed the exoteric message of surrender to Allah. Prophet Muhammed never claimed to found a new religion. In fact, he always said he was just continuing the primordial tradition that was working long before him. Like Moses and Jesus, Muhammed came in a long line of prophets who from time to time delivered to their people, under divine inspiration, the same revelation of God's nature and of Man's relationship to Him, as had been given to Adam. Muhammed came to reinstate this eternal pristine message that had been obscured by ignorance, idolatry, and used to enslave rather than liberate humanity. From this perspective the Holy Quran teaches the primordial unity of all religions and the common origin of each. It affirms that there is not a nation or people to whom a prophet has not been sent.

Muhammed sought to bring back some of the exoteric information (which the Jews closely guard called the kabbalah) to the Jewish Christians which was thrown out of true religion. Instead pagan Babylonian mysteries took its place, with the worship of demons dressed up as Isis, Osiris, old hags in women's garb calling themselves Hecate. These demons are worshipped in the Roman Catholic church. The Golden Dawn, a black magic society started with Roman Catholics in the UK. These demons are part of the 72 demons of King Solomon, escaped from the vessel of King Solomon, released in Babylon, to recreate Babylon under Rome.

The Vatican controls all main religions today through Freemasonry, the Jesuits and occult secret societies. We have to leave organised religion to find the truth. Islam has secret societies linked to Freemasonry where the Quran is placed on the altar in Masonic lodges. It is likely many Islamic Imams will be members of these Masonic fraternities. Freemasonry in the UK has a protestant movement to get the protestants back to Rome under political and religious pressure through a movement called Zionism. This will see a rebuilding of a Third Temple, and the Holy See being placed in Jerusalem alongside a reformed Jewish movement.

To understand more about true Islam visit the Islam Resource Centre -- going back to its original Jewish Christian roots.

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