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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dr Thomas Rid, Rand Corporation

Dr Thomas Rid, aired on Sky News stated that we shouldn't be afraid of GCHQ who are not monitoring innocent people in the UK.

Dr Ridd worked for the Rand Corporation in the United States. The Rand Corporation are behind mind control using hypnotic techniques which they studied from Russian research. Hypnos is the God of Sleep which resides with Hecate. Hypnosis is therefore, Hypnos is. They also looked into applying electricity to the brain.

From the book Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart:

From one such think tank, the Rand Corporation, came a report entitled Are the Cominform Countries Using Hypnosis Techniques to Elicit Confession In Public Trials? Dated April 25, 1949, it helped set the stage for using national security as the rationale for resorting to mind control to motivate criminal acts, both at home and abroad. "The successful use of hypnosis," the report said, "would represent a serious threat to democratic values in times of peace and war. In addition, it might contribute to the development of unconventional methods of warfare, which will be widely regarded as immoral. The results of scientific research in the field under discussion would obviously lend themselves to offensive as well as defensive applications and to abuse no less than to use. It must be assumed that almost all of the scientific personnel in the field of hypnosis are keenly aware of these social implications of their work and that they are interested in limiting the practice of hypnosis to therapeutic applications." That assumption proved to be untrue.

The Rand report recommended "that these moral and Political implications of experimental research on hypnosis be explored as fully as possible prior to official encouragement or sponsorship of such research, so as to establish the most effective safeguards against its unintended consequences."

The Rand study dwelt at length upon Soviet experiments in hypnosis dating back to 1923. "At the State Institute of Experimental Psychology in Moscow," the report stated, "it was demonstrated that hypnosis could be used in inducing an innocent person to develop intense guilt feelings and to confess to a criminal or immoral act which he did not commit. In 1932 the experiments on hypnotically implanted 'crimes' were reported (in English translation) by A. R. Luria, who at that time was a professor in the Academy of Communist Education."

The Rand report itself suggested that this trick of hypnotic suggestion might be used on a defendant awaiting trial. The defendant could be "prepared" in a series of hypnotic sessions to accept guilt about a criminal act he did not commit, and then, if placed in a hypnotic trance while in the courtroom, the prosecutor's interrogation would elicit a false confession.

The Rand document expressed fear that Soviet investigators had found other techniques which could produce deep hypnosis in perhaps 90 percent or more of all individuals. Anticipating future advances, the report speculated on more efficient ways to develop greater depth in hypnotic trance. It suggested that a subject could be placed in a trance many times each day until a sufficient depth of trance was achieved. It was thought that hypnotizing the subject and then awakening him several times in the same session might speed up the process. This technique of successive and rapid trance induction would, it was hoped, make the subject easily susceptible to deep trance in a few days. To increase speed and depth of hypnosis, special uses of hypnotic drugs were also suggested. "For example, a series of drug-induced trances, as against only one such treatment, might serve to develop the majority of cases into somnambules.

...In 1949, Dr. Irving Janis of the Rand Corporation had recommended that the air force undertake a study of the "effects of electricity on the brain." His report said that, in research based on the literature of the 1940s, there were at least some indications that electric shocks to the brain might be conducive to mind control. Janis wrote: "Many studies have shown that there is a temporary intellectual impairment, diffuse amnesia, and general 'weakening of the ego' produced during the period when a series of electroshock convulsions is being administered." Dr. Janis was not talking about electronic brain stimulation; he was referring to electro-convulsive therapy (ECT),a crude treatment for schizophrenia originated in Hungary in the 1930s, which consisted of passing a strong electrical current through the entire brain at once.

Unlike ESB, ECT was not aimed at the microscopic neural centers of the brain. It was just one large jolt of electricity, which produced, rather than a specific neural event, a massive convulsion. Electrical current administered in such a way temporarily affected the electrical properties of all the neurons in the brain. It produced sharp biochemical changes in the levels of glucose, oxygen consumption, protein synthesis, and other functions. It also produced amnesia, sometimes temporary, sometimes permanent. As biochemist Steven Rosen said, "The [ECT] treatment is analogous to attempting to mend a faulty radio by kicking it, or a broken computer by cutting out a few of its circuits."3 Often the extreme convulsions induced by ECT produced such strong muscular contractions that the bones of the subject's body snapped like breadsticks. But Dr. Janis did not seem to think it too severe a treatment for use in mind control. "From my own and others' investigations of the psychological effects of such treatments," he wrote, "I would suspect that they might tend to reduce resistance to hypnotic suggestions. It is conceivable, therefore, that electroshock treatment might be used to weaken difficult cases in order to produce a hypnotic trance of great depth."4

I would take Dr Ridd's opinions on GCHQ monitoring which aired on Sky NEWS with a pinch of salt. The Jews admitted in the book, The Secret War Against the Jews that every telephone call is routed through a GCHQ computer in Menwith Hill. Either Dr Ridd is not very knowledgeable about these matters or he is not telling us the truth. They target people in the UK who are not terrorists. We featured the story of a pagan Witch who was targeted by GCHQ for her exposure of the Forestery Commission. We also have the story of the old woman in the 1980s, campaigner against nuclear energy, who was battered to death on the Spring Equinox as a type of human sacrifice, put under surveillance by the government.

Society is changing. A New World Order is being set up by people involved in black magick. Go and read the 20,000 occult manuscripts yourself if you doubt this. Jewish Christians esoterics like myself can see their evil, as a studier of the Jewish Kabbalah.

Germans are behind some of these things, for instance the Golden Dawn, is a UK version of a German society. The Rothschilds who control the UK Corporation are German. The Queen and her family have German roots. The Illuminati, founded by a Jewish Jesuit of Roman Catholic Canon Law came from Germany.

The Bible calls this the Antichrist system. Lucifer will persecute the "saints of the Most High" and particularly those who keep the commandments of God and have the Testimony of Jesus Christ (Rev 12:17). The Antichrist will be destroyed by the return of Jesus Christ (Rev 19:11). God speed that day!

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