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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Eleanor White, Target Individual on Talk Show

Dr. Rebecca Carley show "What's Ailing America," hour 2, January 17, 2009

Dr. Carley discusses organized stalking and electronic harassment with Eleanor White and Debbie Newhook


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Arctic Beacon Radio Show Thursday, April 6, 2006: (MP3: Hr1)

Guest: Beth regarding electronic directed energy weaponry and gangstalking surveilance.


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Dr John Hall and Robert Duncan

A two hour interview, February 17, 2011, first hour, Dr. John Hall, DO, an activist working to expose organized stalking and electronic harassment, and second hour, Robert Duncan, BA, MA (computer science,) MBA, an experimenter attempting to solve the technology issues relating to the OS/EH crimes. Download:

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  1. Please visit my youtube channel 'OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity' and click on PLAYLISTS section to see Playlist Dr John Hall interviews.
    I am a victim of Organized Stalking / Gang Stalking in Chennai, India

  2. robert duncan, confessed "CIA perp"*, claims in his appendix-less book that he has a "Harvard Ph'd", although the registrar has no record of it - his intentionally discrediting notion of a "mind-reading super-computer satellite network" (pilfered from 'The President's Analyst', from 1967) is not even mentioned as a footnote in a single peer-reviewed scientific journal article in the entire world, and when pressed that he would have to learn how to use footnotes if he wanted to sell the Doctorate line, (alias) duncan actually replied "True. I don't read footnotes. My work is original." (it's not, it's a re-hash of a 20 yr old patent application with no working model, but that line sure is!)