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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Gangstalking, Usually Isn't

Many people who are also "targeted individuals" report gangs harassing them or people coming into their lives to cause further harassment.

The technology is advanced it often puts thoughts into other people's minds who may be in the vicinity. This often makes it look like gang stalking.

An example. One night the people harassing me mentioned in the night, it is not like we are living in a police state. The next day, an old man stopped me on the street to have a chat, typically British thing. He said to me, "it is not like we are living in a police state" mentioning some of the things the people behind the technology were discussing the previous evening.

Many people would freak out and claim he was a gang stalker. But in reality the technology is able to put thoughts into his mind so that he would say similar things to what I heard the previous night. In one of my previous blogs, it was mentioned that the Russians demonstrated being able to beam microwaves to people outside the building telling them to stop work and come inside. They did exactly that.

Most gang stalking isn't gang stalking but highly efficient technology interfering with the brain patterns of other individuals close to you. The system simply would not have the financial means to spend millions of pounds or dollars having a trail of individuals following people.

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