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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Brain Invaders Episode s3e07

Brain Invaders 2012 An investigation into claims that the Government is harassing, and even torturing, individuals by sending microwave signals into their brains and bodies.

In America programmes like this are aired on their networks because the monopoly is broken up into hundreds of factions. UK has a history of censorship, even Herbert W. Armstrong was unable to broadcast his religious message on the radio using pirate radio stations (Radio Caroline, Radio London) in the end and Radio Luxembourg. The US always has a much more open and free press than the UK. All of our media outlets say the same things on the news broadcasts, the only dissenting voice is Russia Today and Press TV (with Press TV taken off Murdoch's Sky). There has been in the past a conspiracy channel on Murdoch's SKY called Edge Media TV, Subjects include 9/11 inside jobs, Ufos, government corruption and even Bohemian Grove and Satanic sacrifice got a mention, but it has long since disappeared on television. The Irish, The Sovereign Independent Newspaper covers alternative news. The UK Column is another source for alternative media. Ironically Herbert W Armstrong's, The World Tomorrow telecast first appeared on SKY ONE.

To America's credit more opposition, dissent and alternative new sources come from it than from Britain. There must be two different ruling families or systems with two ideological differences, both powerful, one ruling over America and the other over Great Britain. To have a global conspiracy where two countries are ruled differently from the top, one allowing more dissent than the other would surely be a contradiction. America's free spirit of independence away from the "British" empire may play a part in their attitudes.

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