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Friday, 24 January 2014

Muhammad Asghar, Blasphemy Charges and Mind Control

Muhammad Asghar, a 69 year old British muslim has ended up in a prison in Pakistan accused of blasphemy laws since calling himself the Prophet Muhammed facing the death penalty, if they still impose this.

The unusual thing about this story is the mind control which is lurking under neath the surface. He was a successful business man in the UK and a person of some financial means since he also had property in Pakistan.

After criticising the Iraq war, writing a letter of complaint to Tony Blair, his life changed for the worst. This is generally what happens to targeted individuals. One event, usually changes the life for good.

After he wrote a letter of complaint to Tony Blair, The Independent, in the article, Death sentence for British pensioner accused of blasphemy in Pakistan

He started to believe the British and Pakistani governments were monitoring his activities through his satellite decoder and claimed he was being bugged after writing to Tony Blair and George Bush to oppose the war in Iraq.
He must have been hearing voices from a satellite laser but not able to detect where the voices were coming from. Voices can come from an appliance, for instance in my case, background voices were heard when listening to music on a cassette recorder. Often the voices will come from the sky through a laser beam or scalar waves. His behaviour is consistent with someone that has been put on a government surveillance programme. Often people report that after criticising people in power they start hearing voices, have microwave or energy weapons attack them, and put under constant surveillance.

He also experienced a stroke. This can be common because of the intensity of the microwaves causing blood clots and other complications in the brain. Strokes do not cause voices to be heard in the brain or externally. The stroke is likely the cover which is used by the government programmes to hide their activities.

The article continues:

“He is receiving no care for his mental condition or receiving prescribed medication. He was taken out of his individual cell and stuffed in with several other people in a very cramped cell. He keeps threatening to commit suicide and we are very worried about him,” she added.

In January 2012 Mr Asghar was found unconscious in his cell and was taken to hospital where he was treated in the intensive care unit.

The suicide thoughts is also part of the mind control programme. The government has black water projects where they place people on hit lists. One is the silent assassination programme. This is designed to drive people towards suicide, cause life threatening accidents, financially destroy them and to discredit them. This is the new way the global elite get rid of people. Make everything look as normal as possible. Hide behind some type of medical problem which they engineer. Strokes can be induced by the technology. Voices are beamed to people telling them to kill themselves. Suicidal thoughts are put into people's brains. Microwave heating is done to increase the effect and torture. He appears to be on this programme.

Insulting the prophet must have been put into his mind since under the mind control programmes they take people to the opposite view. A devout muslim will be encouraged to insult the Prophet, break fasts, eat pork, and not to observe any holy days. The programme is designed to systematically destroy the morality and individuality of the person. The tragedy is that the Pakistani government are ignorant of these mind control programmes and the horde of "ignorant" muslims in Pakistan quick to cast judgements calling for the death penalty. They make a terrible situation worst without considering the possibilities of the "mind control" programmes and what they are capable of.

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