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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Naomi Wolff Defends Assange

Whilst many politicians are quick to judge the actions of Assange in leaking US government secrets to the general public, Jewish liberal, Naomi Wolff is a defender of human rights, and a staunch feminist.

Naomi Wolff writing in the article, Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage in Serious Aggression Against the People of the United States

I predicted in 2006 that the forces that wish to strip American citizens of their freedoms, so as to benefit from a profitable and endless state of war -- forces that are still powerful in the Obama years, and even more powerful now that the Supreme Court decision striking down limits on corporate contributions to our leaders has taken effect -- would pressure Congress and the White House to try to breathe new life yet again into the terrifying Espionage Act in order to silence dissent. In 2005, Bush tried this when the New York Times ran its exposé of Bush's illegal surveillance of banking records -- the SWIFT program. This report was based, as is the WikiLeaks publication, on classified information. Then, as now, White House officials tried to invoke the Espionage Act against the New York Times. Talking heads on the right used language such as 'espioinage' and 'treason' to describe the Times' release of the story, and urged that Bill Keller be tried for treason and, if found guilty, executed. It didn't stick the first time; but, as I warned, since this tactic is such a standard part of the tool-kit for closing an open society -- 'Step Ten' of the 'Ten Steps' to a closed society: 'Rename Dissent 'Espionage' and Criticism of Government, 'Treason' -- I knew, based on my study of closing societies, that this tactic would resurface.
She went on to name those congress people responsible for criminalising Assange, writes Naomi:

Those calling for Julian Assange's criminalization include:

1. Rep. Candice Miller

2. Jonah Goldberg, Journalist

3. Christian Whiton, Journalist

4. Bill O'Reilly, Fox News Journalist

5. Sarah Palin, Member of the Republican Party, former candidate

6. Mike Huckabee, Politician

8. Prof. Tom Flanagan

9. Rep. Peter King

10. Tony Shaffer

11. Rick Santorum 12. Rep. Dan Lugren

13. Jeffrey T. Kuhner, Journalist The Washington Times

14. Rep. Virginia Foxx

15. Sen. Kit Bond, Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee

16. Sen. Joe Liberman

17. Sen. Charles Schumer

18. Marc Thiessen, Columnist

Naomi Wolff believes we are living and creating a closed society writing the book, Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries. She supports the Constitution Campaign. Human rights is also about exposing the new acoustic weapons (laser beams, microwaves, scalar waves) used in mind hacking technologies and the silent assassination programmes they put "targeted individuals" in.

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