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Friday, 10 January 2014

Russell Tice and Edward Snowden

Two individuals working for the NSA who blew the whistle on government corruption, and the endemic spying on citizens, they were Russell Tice and Edward Snowden.

The initials of these two people are RT and ES. They were like two witnesses exposing the corruption in our world.

The Bible talks of Two Witnesses who will come at the end, who are like two olive TREeS and their bodies will lie in the STREet (Rev 11:4,8). We see their two set of initials in the word tree and street. When their bodies lie in the street, it may be their names are hidden in these words.

It is a strange coincidence two such whistle blowers have two sets of initials which can be seen in two words associated with the Two Witnesses. This is not to say they are the Two Witnesses or the Two Witnesses will share the names.

Of an even stranger coincidence, my initials are RTT and under constant surveillance by the government, with Russell Tice mentioning many of the government spying which later would be so much part of my life. Having been praying that God would send someone to expose the government surveillance, it was a surprise to find these two unlikely people.

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