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Monday, 20 January 2014

Truths of Herbert W Armstrong

In the Worldwide Church of God we are all aware of the 18 truths restored by Herbert W Armstrong to the church. It made me think about where I differ from these truths.

Essential differences to the 18 truths:

1. Baptism in the name of Jesus Christ as opposed to the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2. Tithing likely to cease after the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, and enforceable only through a Levitical priesthood, whilst maintaining three holy day offerings on a yearly basis.

3. The Passover is a Passover meal where a seder is eaten on the 14th Abib.

4. The Bible is not a closed cannon of scripture. The Quran is a commentary on the Bible originally written to Jewish Christians living in Arabia. The Prophet Muhammed, was a foreign work, to the House of Judah and House of Israel. We can haggle over textual interpretations, and explanations.

5. There are two Resurrections not three.

6. The Hebrew calendar is a false calendar system, based on postponements and counting back 177 days from Trumpets to determine the first of Abib. God's true calendar is likely to be the Enochian calendar. But in the meantime, I observe a calendar without postponements based on the astronomical conjunction of the new moon to determine the first of Abib.

7. Mezuzah, the placing of the commandments on the doorpost, is a literal law required. To keep the letter of the law, we should place at least a mezuzah at the front and back door.

8. Tassels are not necessarily required today because our garments do not have four corners but a garment made of four corners can be made so that tassels can be worn. Tassels like the other laws are not ceremonial Levitical laws (i.e for the priesthood only), but laws for the whole nation of Israel.

9. Universal salvation can only be found in the scriptures during the Messianic age, ie., the return of Jesus Christ. During the Great White Judgement there is no second chance. Everyone is judged by their deeds. The overwhelming will enter into salvation, whilst the others will be sent to hell.

10. Esotericism was purposely removed from Christianity and by Herbert W Armstrong. This means that our religion is only half complete. The true religion is half orthodox and half esoteric. The Quran expounds on some esoteric terms known to people who study the Kabbalah (whether Jew or Golden Dawn). Our Bibles deliberately have esoteric information missing.

11. Souls have an existence after death. The soul is carried away by two angels where it is taken up into the Seven Heavens (see the Quran). Evil souls get slapped on the face by the angels. What happens next is open to debate.

12. God is sitting on the Throne in Seven Heavens (Quran, Jewish Kabbalah) and we are living in the first heaven called "malkuth". Fallen spirits rule this earth with Samuel (Lucifer) who has a consort with Lilith or Isis. People in power worship these "demons" by a variety of names. They use the Jewish Kabbalah system to contact demons using the "Qliphoth". The demons and Satan will rule until the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) where they will be dethroned by a returning Jesus Christ.

13. Angels are both male and female. King Solomon summoned up demons (see Testament of Solomon and Quran) and put them to work to build the Temple.

14. There are seven gates of hell and seven heavens (see Quran, B Talmud, Zohar, Jewish Kabbalah).

15. Eternal punishing and eternal punishment both exist. Eternal torment in hell exists so does annihilation. Some souls will spend eternity in hell (Quran) and others will cease to exist (Bible). Book of Enoch says the same, both states exist.

16. There is a Royal Court in Heaven called the Sanhedrin ruled over by 72 angels. The Jews have a physical representation on the earth under the Levitical system. Decisions on the earth can be overturned in the Heavenly Court. Yom Kippur is the day people's fate is decided.

17. Every person has two guardian angels who keep a record of our lives writing it in a book called The Record (Quran). At the Great White Throne Judgement angels will accompany the individual and the record of one's life will be known. There is a scale of balance that takes place. Those who have enough good deeds and lived a righteous life will inherit salvation, those who fail will face either a life time in hell or be burned up into ash. Those who enter salvation will have to confess Jesus Christ is Lord, before they enter the gates of Paradise.

18. There is no reincarnation nor second chance to live life. We all face Judgement, those who are called now to salvation, the firstfruits, are being judged now. The rest of humanity will face their judgement at the Great White Judgement.

19. One of the ingredients in the Holy oil of Exodus 30 is the hebrew, kanneh bosem. This is known to be cannabis, even in Jewish circles.

20. We have to maintain a biblically kosher diet, but God does allow the eating of unclean food only in the case of starvation (Quran). This is the same as the Jewish position where the Torah law can be broken to save human life. We know it in the church as the "ox and the ditch". In the case where people put us to the test, we would have to make our own judgements.

21. God's Holy Days and Sabbath exist for humanity (Lev 23) but mankind observes pagan occult days based on the worship of the sun, and nature. The Testament of Solomon tells us the demons turn themselves into "gods" which are worshipped by people. God is ruler in the Seventh heaven and His day of worship is the Seventh day. The majority of mankind worship on the first day of week, Sunday, in honour of Lucifer, who resides in the First Heaven.

22. Jesus was born around 10-11 September. Ernest Martin places it on 11 September.

23. The Infancy of Jesus Christ seems to be an accurate account of Jesus' live with some of these stories finding their way into the Quran.

24. The Gospel of Nicodemus tells us the story how the Jews in the time of Jesus believed He was the Messiah after doing an investigation following His death.

25. The Gospel of Adam and Eve fills in some of the gaps missing from the Bible telling us about the life of them both in the Garden of Eden and their departure.

26. Adam and Eve could see the angels in Heaven whilst in the Garden of Eden and had a bright nature which was later removed from them. They were created from the four elements.

27. The Star of David is not the sign of the Illuminati or evil. It is a sign given to angels stationed at the gates of the Seventh Heaven before one can enter. This sign allows the gates to open. This is used in the Jewish Mekerbah.

28. The Jewish Mekerbah is a legitimate practice. Through a process of meditation by repeating holy names, the person summons up an angel who takes them into the Seven Heavens. A dangerous journey where sometimes people are killed in heaven. People have to pass through seven halls or palaces, meet frightening angels, give their names, signs or passwords to proceed through the halls until finally arriving at the entrance to God's Throne, the Seventh Heaven. The Star of David is used to pass through the gate. The person is taken in a chariot sitting next to Archangel Gabriel to meet God in His throne. Behind Him is a curtain which contains the future. This curtain contains all the information people aspire to know.

29. The Microchip is the mark of the beast not Sunday worship or observance of pagan holidays. The microchip is a counterfeit of the Record which is placed in the right hand of those who enter Paradise (Quran). The Record is a book containing a record of a person's life. The microchip in the right hand takes the person to hell. The Record in the right hand takes a person to Paradise.

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